High 5 for Reivers

Border Reivers 15-4 Waverley 4s


Del Sharratt 3-2 Stuart Johnston

In the first match of the night, Del had a point to prove as Stuart had won both previous encounters 3-0 – but with really close games and Sharratt felt he should be beating Johnston. Again this proved to be a close tussle, the match started with Johnston taking a 3-0 lead and Sharratt brought it back to 3-3, the rest of the game progresses with either player taking 1-2 points then the opponent dong likewise, the match went 10-10, 12-12- 14-14 and with 2 points needed to win the game the players knew it would be tough to pull away. The game went on point for point until Sharatt pulled out a fast backhand that flew passed Johnston to take it 22-20! The second game went mus the same way, as soon as one player got a 2-3 point lead, the opponent would bring it back; this game also went to 14-14 but Stuart produced two serves that just didn’t bounce to take it 16-14. Stuart took a 5-1 lead in the third and semed to be varying his game with front court boasts that would send Del the wrong way, Stuart took this a slightly more comfortable 15-10. Sharratt took a couple of minutes to focus between the 3rd and 4th game and seemed to find adrenalin from somewhere as his long full court shots were too good for Stuart and the Reivers Captain got to 6-1 before Stuart goe going again, but the revigoratd Sharratt played tight shots and kept Johnston behind him so he could control the ralies and won 15-12. It was 2-2 and into a deciding game, Del didn’t have much left in the tank, but Stuart seemed to drom his racket half an inch and found the tin more often in this game, it was 9-6 to Sharratt when he reled off 5 points just from deft serves and held on for 15-7 and 3-2.


Graham Bensted 3-0 Ronnie Petrie

This match was more straight forward than the Sharratt-Johnston tussle. Bensted had a fast powerful serve and if Petrie didn’t find the volley return it meant Bensted could control the rallies and therefore the match. It wasn’t all one way traffic though, when Petrie did return the serves he proved a good skilful player who played very accurate shots and made Bensted work round the court. Bensted was too good in theend though and won 17-15, 15-11, 15-9.



Pat Spence 3-2 Dave Ferguson

This was the battle of the Veterans, both players have played league squash for many years up and down the country and the crowd were hopful for a spectacular tie.

The match wasn’t spectacular but swung from one side to the other. The courts in Gala are colder than the city players are used to and this meant It was easy to kill the ball as there wasn’t much bounce without rallies warming the ball up.

The match progressed very much Serve-Return-Kill Serve-Return-Kill but the first game went in Ferguson’s favour 15-13, then the second game although much the same with few rallies was a one-sided 15-3 for spence. The server would serve to the back of the court and the receiver would return to th back of the court and one drop shot to the front would be out of reach, then it went 15-8 Ferguson and 15-11 Spence. Although this tie was also 2-2, there had ben more shots played in one game between Sharratt and Johnston as this entire match. The fifth game seen some loose returns which did make for a couple of 6-7 shot rallies and Spence made home advantage count 15-11 for the victory.



Amir Hosny 3-0 Gordon Scott

Youth v experience this time, and Youth won out, the first game was a close 15-11 and both players played a controlled tight game, neither wanting to take risks and playing the percentage shots. But The next games seen Amir use his youthful fitness and stamina to his advantage and could cover the court relatively quickly and total focus meant only a couple of rare misses for Hosny and he wrapped it up 15-4, 15-4.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Florent Chevreuil

French prodigy Chevreuil, who had beaten Pat Spence in last years match up found Elliot was a level above and couldn’t live with the Borderer, Elliot controlling the game and the rallies. Although Florent had an uncharacteristic off-night and couldn’t find consistency with his shots, this was frustrating the Frenchman and his head went down. Elliot just stayed composed and never seemed to be in doubt about any of his shots. Indeed Tony won out 15-8, 15-5, 15-6.


Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards “What an amazing team effort, a clean sweep of victories and we are now at an all time high of fifth in the table, our courts are colder than most of the city courts which affecgts the bounce of the ball and we can use the home advantage well this season. I will look to keep the same team for next weeks tussle against our rivals Grange 5s.”

Reivers Feel the Heat

Kirkaldy 2 11-7 Border Reivers


Gary Bramble 0-3 David Brown

The first rubber of the night was won well by Kirkaldy veteran Brown 15-12, 15-9, 15-8. The challenge here was the sheer heat in the Kirkaldy Courts, The Reivers were used to colder conditions.The heat meant the ball was bouncier than usual and the shots that Bramble would kill in Galashiels courts were just bouncing up and Brown would capitalise with front boasts. The Veteran ran off 3-0 fairly quickly.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Steve Creene

This was much the same story as the first game as Reivers Bensted wasn’t used to the heat in the court and it completely changed the style of game, Creene made homer advantage count and although he triumphed 15-9, 15-8, 16-14 the game was closer and better than the scores suggested. This was won mainly when Creene played long full length shots that found the corners.


Del Sharratt 1-3 Robert Brown

Del started strongly winning the first 15-13, albeit assisted by some poor unforced errors by Brown who let some simple shots go wayward and gave away some silly points.

The second game seen Brown take control, Del was pinned to the back half of the court and Brown would therefore throw in a drop shot every so often that was out of Del’s reach and took it 15-6. Del was struggling in the heat and in the third game Del had to stop for breathe for 30 seconds as he was finding the heat too much and Brown took it fairly easy 15-5, after a couple of minute break Del seemed to find his feet a bit at the start of the fourth abut again proved to struggle in the temperatures and the Kirkaldy team – who were well used to playing in the heat took this one 15-6 for 3-1.




Amir Hosny 3-2 Alex Allan

15-8, 9-15, 10-15, 15-11, 16-14. This was tie of the night. Reivers Hosny, who seemed to make a habit pf playing in 5-set thrillers as his previous Cap had seen him go down 3-2; this time Hosny held out. Hosny managed to stay focussed despite the conditions and managed to play some tight shots and generally run down his Older opponent. Hosny nearly lost th game with some poor serving but managed to stay focussed and took the teams first victory of the night.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Andy Cant

Tony Elliot’s record for Reivers now is played 14 won 14. Although this game was no walk in the park. Elliot had pulled a nerve in his neck playing football over the weekend and found this impeded his movement and vision in the court, but the Reivers top seed put the pain to the back of his mind and triumphed over the Fifer 15-9, 16-14, 15-13.


Captain Sharratt said after the match “That’s the hottest court I’ve played on! They have recently installed some new Gas heaters at Kirkaldy, I’ve played in some hot courts before but they must be the hottest; I can’t remember ever finding it hard to breathe in the court due to the temperature before – but that is what home advantage is all about; when they come to the Borders the ball won’t be bouncing as much and hopefully we can use that to our advantage.

Tough Start

Colinton Castle 5s 12 v 6 Border Reivers


Sir Andrew 0-3 Mark Crease

Mark was no stranger to the Reivers squad having had many epic tussles in the league and in friendlies in previous years. This game was closer tan the scoreline suggests; Sir Andrew just couldn’t get Mark Crease off the T-Line enough so that Mark crease could command the rallies and Crease won 15-12, 15-10, 15-10.


Gary Bramble 0-3 Steven Hill

The City Youth Hill was making his debut in the Senior leagues, and his skill and fitness showed why the junior had been called up with an awesome performance. Despite his youth Hill had very fast, powerful shots and Bramble couldn’t get past the youngster and Hill got the second match-up for Colinton Castle 15-7, 15-6, 15-10.


Del Sharratt 1-3 Bob Blaikie

These pair had met previously in the league, with Bob Blaikie taking it a pretty straightforward 3-0 last time out. This time it wasn’t so easy. The first game was pretty even with the scored going tit for tat until 7-7, then Blaikie managed to gradually get a gap with a couple of cross court drops to Del’s backhand that Del just couldn’t reach. Blaikie took it 15-11. In the second game Del managed to keep his shots tight to the wall and slowed the game down a bit which cooled the ball down and Del capitalised with a 15-11 victory.

The Third and Fourth games were very similar with Blaikie commanding the rallies, he had the knack of keeping Del at the back of the court then pulling out a cross court drop, this tactic produced 5-6 points for Blaikie. Del had no reply and Blaikie cleaned up the game 15-8, 15-8.



Amir Hosny 2-3 Michael Gibbs

Amir struggled to get going in this match, h covered the court well but whenever Amir got the Serve back his serve went above the court line and out so Amir couldn’t find any sort of rhythm. Michael pulled off some great shots and motored away to a 2-0 lead 15-8, 15-6; In the third Amir decided to change his serves and played the ball to the front of the court more, this change of style seemed to do the job as Gibbs started missing key shots and not reaching the ball, Hosny focussed more and kept his eye on the ball and had to work to claw it back to 2-2, 15-9, 15-6. Gibbs must have gave himself a good shake after the fourth game as a more polished performance in the fifth won him the game, Hosny’s head didn’t go down but an improvement from Gibbs won 15-9 and 3-2.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Adam Hill

Reivers top seed Elliot – who went the entire previous season unbeaten kept going where he left off; although Hill fought valiantly Elliot was just a class above and didn’t have too much trouble seeing off the City Veteran 15-6, 15-2, 15-9.

“We all performed well, this as a tough opener as Colinton castle have just been relegated from league 4 and are one of the strongest teams in our league. It was a good team effort and hopefully this can spur us on for the season.”

Docs put to Dock

Border Reivers 12-5 NHS Borders


Iain Gorman 3-0 Vineeth Ravindran

The first match of the night, seen The Reivers Gorman, who is vastly improved from last season, against Vineeth Ravindran for the NHS. This match was slow to get going, with the players exchanging points until 7-6 for Gorman, then the Reivers no. 5 kept focus and found he could beat Ravindran by sending him to the corners and dtormed off to a 15-7 Victory. The second game was more exciting and the players were focussed and not making many mistakes, this went the distance before Gorman took it with a eft serve 16-14. The Third game was Gorman commanding the T-Line and sending Ravindran around the court, Gorman dominated and won 15-4.


Ruaridh Kohler 3-2 Rob Cutting

This was a well matched game, with the full 5 games needed to produce a winner, indeed the biggest wining margin was 15-11 (Ruaridh in the third). This was the game of the night, as soon as one player thought he had the other hand, his opponent would step up with something different. Ruaridh used some front court boasts to try to send Rob the wrong way, and Rob would use full length shots to try to keep Ruaridh at the back of the court; but at 14-13 up in the final game, Rob Cutting’s return found the tin and gave the match to Ruaridh.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Sandy Morris

This was the NHS only victory of the occasion, veteran Morris found his experience won out over Reivers Captain Sharratt, this was a story of serve and return as it was more a war of attrition than a game of skill. The NHS eteran tookit 15-9, 17-15, 15-9


Amir Hosny 3-0 Paul Neary

This game was more flowing than the Sharratt-Morris encounter, this was about movement and placement of shots and the rallies were long and tight. Although Hosny would play a few loose shots in the first game, he seemed able to get to everything Neary would throw at him and won 15-10; the second game was very similar, with long fast rallies and both players having to Think about their shots, the ball just seemed to sit up more for Hosny and he was able to Drive the ball to the corners for his pointa, another 15-10. The Third game see the momentum remain with Hosny and he shot off to 6-3, Neary wasn’t finished though and continued to play tight shots in ane extremely entertaining game, although he fought back valiantly Hosny held on for15-12 and 3-0.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Dave Shiels

This was both teams Top seeds battling it out, Tony Elliot – unbeaten in the East Leagues last season, wanted to continue where he left off. Dave Shields ran about ragged and couldn’t be faulted for effort but Elliot was just too strong in all departments and his quality shone throught with a 15-7, 15-4, 15-8 victory.


Del Sharratt said afterwards “It was a brilliant match, it’s great to get the doctors and NHS staff up for a friendly match before we start the league season. This gives my team a vital run out before the East League 5 game against Collinton Castle next week. The Doctors are tough opponents and hopefully we can arrange a re-match towards the end of the year.”

Festival of Squash

Edinburgh Sports Club hosted the third annual Festival of squash; this was a graded tournament culminating in Scotland v Rest of World featuring Current World No.1 Mohammed El Shorbagy.  In the Graded Tournament, Gala Squash Club Captain Del Sharratt was flying the flag for the Borders.

Del lost his qualifier 2-0 to Young Dylan Pearman (Tyne Squash Club) 15-7, 15-9.  This put Del in the Grade 4 Competition.  In the first round Grange Squash Clubs Faye Fulton conquered 15-7, 15-10 over Sharratt.  Sharratt was finding the ties tough going ithis tournament, all his opponents were younger and fitter and wouldn’t stop running.
This put Del into the Plate Tournament where he first met Anthony Rickets (also of Grange).  This as a close fought match, both players seemed to be similarly matched in all areas but Del seemed to remain focussed and triumphed 15-7, 17-15.  In the Plate Final it was Edinburgh sports Clubs own Jessica Shaw, the teenager had came through the youth system at Sports Club and fancied her chances against the more experienced Sharratt.  Well Shaw took her chances and although Sharratt fought Valiantly the Edin Sports Club Lady took it 15-10, 15-13.

The Scotland v Rest of World Team match featured some of the worlds best.  Team Scotland featured tHe Scottish No.1 and No.2 Gregg Lobban and Alan Clyne respectively; tHe Scottish Ladies Champion Lisa Aitken and the World Junior Champion Georgia Adderley.  Team Rest of World Boasted no less than the Current World Champion and World Number 1. Mohammed El-Shorbagy, Englands World no. 54 Josh Masters, COmmonwealth Games Gold Medalist from New Zealand Donna Lobban and Polish Teenage Prodigy Karina Tyma.  The matches were first to 11 and 2 games.
Scores (Team Scotland first)
G Adderley 2-0 K Tyma; L Aitken 1-1 D Lobban; Ladies Doubles Aitken/Adderley 1-1 Tyma/Lobban; G Lobban 1-1 J Masters; A Clyne 2-0 J Masters; A Clyne 0-2 M El Shorbagy; G Lobban 0-2 M El Shorbagy.  This finished the match at 7-7, so as a decider, World Champion M El Shorbagy went on court 2 on 1 against Clyne and Lobban – The Scottish Duo won 11-3 for 8-7 victory for Team Scotland.

Gala Squash Club Captain Sharratt said of the event “The matches were touh, there are a lot of excellent up and coming teenagers in the East of Scotland Squash Circuit and there fitness levels are unreal.  13yo Dylan Pearman beat me and he just wouldn’t stop covering every inch of the court.
It was amazing to watch Mohammed El shorbagy Live too, what an inspiration he is for these Juniors that competed and it shows the level we can all strive for.  Hopefully next Year some of Gala’s juniors will be featuring in amongst the Edinburgh Clubs Juniors too.”

Mohammed El Shorbagy   Del v Dylan  Live

Lisa’s Gift

So with the clubs pledge we have sent Kevin Moran on his way with a £231 donation towards Lisa’s Gift.  Anyone that missed out goto www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kevinssquashtour to donate.

A big THANKYOU to all members that attended the night and all that have donated.
we had Racketball 3′s
Team Moran v Team Bensted.  Team Moran held on for 2-1 Victory
H Seggie 11v3 D Seggie; D Quinn 8v11 J McLean; K Moran 11v4 G Bensted.

then we had your Club Champion Tony Elliot v Kevin Moran Challenge match
K Moran 2-0 T Elliot (11-6, 11-4).

Then Kevin went on court with some of the Club juniors – Championship Runner Up Dougray Seggie, Hamish Seggie, Isaac Kane and Gabriel KaneLisa's gift


Dima Graham 3-2 Dougray Seggie

The first Gala Squash Club Junior Championship final for over 20 years was contested by Dima Graham and Dougray Seggie; 10 kids had entered the tournament and Dougray and Dima had won through to a much anticipated cracker of a final.  Dougray started as slight favourite as he had recently beaten Dima 2-0 in the Junior Ladder.
The match wa best 0f 5; in the first game it was point for point most of the way but the squash was good, Dima would play tight full length shots but the fitness fanatic Dougray seemed to get to everything.  The game was to 11 but this went to sudden death and Dougray took it with a deft serve 15-13.
The second game was just as intense, although Dima seemed more focussed this game and found good length as Dougray struggled to get the ball from the back of the court and Dima soon took a 7-3 advantage, although Dougray fought valiantly the younger Dima won 11-7.
The third game started well for Dougray, Dima couldn’t get his returns tight and the ball sat up more which Dougray would capitalise and send Dima round the court.  But at 6-3 down Dima won the serve back and seemed again to find good length with his shots and took the third 11-9.
By now the spectators were engrossed in the match, both players were showing signs of fatigue but neither would give up.  The fourth game seen longer rallies as both players were playing basic shots waiting for their opponent to miss and this gama again went to sudden death with Dougray taking it 12-10 for 2-2.
THe spectators were enjoyking a thrilling match, the decider got under way and both boys were wearying, it was at 4-4 that Dougray lost an extra yard of pace and Dima motored away and Dougray had no reply as Dima conquered 11-4 for 3-2.
MAtch Umpire Del Sharratt said “That was one of the most exciting squash matches I’ve seen since the commonwealth Games; I wish I could have played like that at that age!, it’s amazing that we have managed to run a junior championship again, the club is thriving and if Dima snd some of these kids stick in they will one day have there name on the champions Board.”champ4champ1

Junior Championship


In the top half of the Junior Club Championship Young Dima Graham cement’s his place in the final after decisive victories against Hamish Seggie and Issac Kane. The bottom half of the draw is settled next week.

Charity Event @ Gala

To mark Lisa’s 10 year anniversary of her untimely death. Kevin Moran has planned a squash tour challenge all over Scotland in order to raise money for his family charity set up in her name, Lisa’s Gift.  This will involve an event in Gala on Friday 6th July 5-6pm.  PLEASE DONATE.

Weʼre raising money to help disadvantaged kids and families through “Lisa’s Gift Charity”.. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

Gala Seal Maiden Victory

Gala 13-8 Heriot Watt 3


Darren Quinn 1-3 Ben Graham

Darren won his first point for Gala in the opening tie of the night, Darren took a while to get started quickly going down 6-0 but one nick at the front changed the dynamic of the game and Darren rattled off a series of good points to storm away to 13-10, he kept his composure and took the first 15-12. The Second game started fairly even and wa 6-6 before Ben started playing consistent full length shots and won 15-8; Ben now had the momentum and worked out Darrens weak back hand to capitalise with the last two games a pretty comprehensive 15-4, 15-5.


Ruaridh Kohler 3-0 Alistair McPhail

Ruaridh stayed calm and composed throughout this tie, the Veteran played his trademark game of keeping the opponent at the back of the court and throwing in a front court boast to claim several points. Ruaridh was enjoying the game and didn’t let his head go down when he lost easy points. He won his maiden victory 15-11, 15-12, 15-8.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Alex Young

Another great match, Del played some great squash and his shots were going where he placed them, Alex was on equally good form and the match was great to watch. Several rallies were tight to the wall but Alex seemed to get to everything. Sharratt nicknamed Young “Inspector Gadget” as he seemed to reach the ball no matter where he was on the court, Alex held out longest and won 18-16, 15-11, 15-6.


Pat Spence 3-2 Zolst Husz

Pat Spence seems to have a knack of making every match he plays last the distance, most of Pat’s league games this season have resulted in 3-2s whether victories or losses. Although the first game was 15-8 to the Young student, Gala Veteran Spence composed himself and slowed the match down, Pat used the Lob shot to secure several points in the second game and Pat started commanding the match. Again another thriller, and Pat also seemed t obe enjoying the squash. It was fairly even though and Husz fought back to 2-2 but this made Pat rethink his game and he used deception in his shots to send Zolst the wrong way and won 8-15, 15-7, 15-11, 13-15, 15-10.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Josie Wishart

Played 10 won 10, Gala’s top seed Elliot remains unbeaten in League 5 and with only 4 games left he is hoping to see out the season undefeated! Josie Wishart played some great squash and was very fast and fit but Tony Elliot proved skill was the key and this was a rather straightforward 15-8, 15-7, 15-9.


Gala Captain Del said “A great Team effort, things clicked tonight and we All played well at the same time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable match and a well deserved victory; we all gave 110% and it was well worth it! We only have 4 games left and I hope for another couple of victories before we’re out.”