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Reivers Feel the Heat

Kirkaldy 2 11-7 Border Reivers


Gary Bramble 0-3 David Brown

The first rubber of the night was won well by Kirkaldy veteran Brown 15-12, 15-9, 15-8. The challenge here was the sheer heat in the Kirkaldy Courts, The Reivers were used to colder conditions.The heat meant the ball was bouncier than usual and the shots that Bramble would kill in Galashiels courts were just bouncing up and Brown would capitalise with front boasts. The Veteran ran off 3-0 fairly quickly.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Steve Creene

This was much the same story as the first game as Reivers Bensted wasn’t used to the heat in the court and it completely changed the style of game, Creene made homer advantage count and although he triumphed 15-9, 15-8, 16-14 the game was closer and better than the scores suggested. This was won mainly when Creene played long full length shots that found the corners.


Del Sharratt 1-3 Robert Brown

Del started strongly winning the first 15-13, albeit assisted by some poor unforced errors by Brown who let some simple shots go wayward and gave away some silly points.

The second game seen Brown take control, Del was pinned to the back half of the court and Brown would therefore throw in a drop shot every so often that was out of Del’s reach and took it 15-6. Del was struggling in the heat and in the third game Del had to stop for breathe for 30 seconds as he was finding the heat too much and Brown took it fairly easy 15-5, after a couple of minute break Del seemed to find his feet a bit at the start of the fourth abut again proved to struggle in the temperatures and the Kirkaldy team – who were well used to playing in the heat took this one 15-6 for 3-1.




Amir Hosny 3-2 Alex Allan

15-8, 9-15, 10-15, 15-11, 16-14. This was tie of the night. Reivers Hosny, who seemed to make a habit pf playing in 5-set thrillers as his previous Cap had seen him go down 3-2; this time Hosny held out. Hosny managed to stay focussed despite the conditions and managed to play some tight shots and generally run down his Older opponent. Hosny nearly lost th game with some poor serving but managed to stay focussed and took the teams first victory of the night.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Andy Cant

Tony Elliot’s record for Reivers now is played 14 won 14. Although this game was no walk in the park. Elliot had pulled a nerve in his neck playing football over the weekend and found this impeded his movement and vision in the court, but the Reivers top seed put the pain to the back of his mind and triumphed over the Fifer 15-9, 16-14, 15-13.


Captain Sharratt said after the match “That’s the hottest court I’ve played on! They have recently installed some new Gas heaters at Kirkaldy, I’ve played in some hot courts before but they must be the hottest; I can’t remember ever finding it hard to breathe in the court due to the temperature before – but that is what home advantage is all about; when they come to the Borders the ball won’t be bouncing as much and hopefully we can use that to our advantage.

Lisa’s Gift

So with the clubs pledge we have sent Kevin Moran on his way with a £231 donation towards Lisa’s Gift.  Anyone that missed out goto to donate.

A big THANKYOU to all members that attended the night and all that have donated.
we had Racketball 3′s
Team Moran v Team Bensted.  Team Moran held on for 2-1 Victory
H Seggie 11v3 D Seggie; D Quinn 8v11 J McLean; K Moran 11v4 G Bensted.

then we had your Club Champion Tony Elliot v Kevin Moran Challenge match
K Moran 2-0 T Elliot (11-6, 11-4).

Then Kevin went on court with some of the Club juniors – Championship Runner Up Dougray Seggie, Hamish Seggie, Isaac Kane and Gabriel KaneLisa's gift


Dima Graham 3-2 Dougray Seggie

The first Gala Squash Club Junior Championship final for over 20 years was contested by Dima Graham and Dougray Seggie; 10 kids had entered the tournament and Dougray and Dima had won through to a much anticipated cracker of a final.  Dougray started as slight favourite as he had recently beaten Dima 2-0 in the Junior Ladder.
The match wa best 0f 5; in the first game it was point for point most of the way but the squash was good, Dima would play tight full length shots but the fitness fanatic Dougray seemed to get to everything.  The game was to 11 but this went to sudden death and Dougray took it with a deft serve 15-13.
The second game was just as intense, although Dima seemed more focussed this game and found good length as Dougray struggled to get the ball from the back of the court and Dima soon took a 7-3 advantage, although Dougray fought valiantly the younger Dima won 11-7.
The third game started well for Dougray, Dima couldn’t get his returns tight and the ball sat up more which Dougray would capitalise and send Dima round the court.  But at 6-3 down Dima won the serve back and seemed again to find good length with his shots and took the third 11-9.
By now the spectators were engrossed in the match, both players were showing signs of fatigue but neither would give up.  The fourth game seen longer rallies as both players were playing basic shots waiting for their opponent to miss and this gama again went to sudden death with Dougray taking it 12-10 for 2-2.
THe spectators were enjoyking a thrilling match, the decider got under way and both boys were wearying, it was at 4-4 that Dougray lost an extra yard of pace and Dima motored away and Dougray had no reply as Dima conquered 11-4 for 3-2.
MAtch Umpire Del Sharratt said “That was one of the most exciting squash matches I’ve seen since the commonwealth Games; I wish I could have played like that at that age!, it’s amazing that we have managed to run a junior championship again, the club is thriving and if Dima snd some of these kids stick in they will one day have there name on the champions Board.”champ4champ1

Junior Championship


In the top half of the Junior Club Championship Young Dima Graham cement’s his place in the final after decisive victories against Hamish Seggie and Issac Kane. The bottom half of the draw is settled next week.

Gala Seal Maiden Victory

Gala 13-8 Heriot Watt 3


Darren Quinn 1-3 Ben Graham

Darren won his first point for Gala in the opening tie of the night, Darren took a while to get started quickly going down 6-0 but one nick at the front changed the dynamic of the game and Darren rattled off a series of good points to storm away to 13-10, he kept his composure and took the first 15-12. The Second game started fairly even and wa 6-6 before Ben started playing consistent full length shots and won 15-8; Ben now had the momentum and worked out Darrens weak back hand to capitalise with the last two games a pretty comprehensive 15-4, 15-5.


Ruaridh Kohler 3-0 Alistair McPhail

Ruaridh stayed calm and composed throughout this tie, the Veteran played his trademark game of keeping the opponent at the back of the court and throwing in a front court boast to claim several points. Ruaridh was enjoying the game and didn’t let his head go down when he lost easy points. He won his maiden victory 15-11, 15-12, 15-8.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Alex Young

Another great match, Del played some great squash and his shots were going where he placed them, Alex was on equally good form and the match was great to watch. Several rallies were tight to the wall but Alex seemed to get to everything. Sharratt nicknamed Young “Inspector Gadget” as he seemed to reach the ball no matter where he was on the court, Alex held out longest and won 18-16, 15-11, 15-6.


Pat Spence 3-2 Zolst Husz

Pat Spence seems to have a knack of making every match he plays last the distance, most of Pat’s league games this season have resulted in 3-2s whether victories or losses. Although the first game was 15-8 to the Young student, Gala Veteran Spence composed himself and slowed the match down, Pat used the Lob shot to secure several points in the second game and Pat started commanding the match. Again another thriller, and Pat also seemed t obe enjoying the squash. It was fairly even though and Husz fought back to 2-2 but this made Pat rethink his game and he used deception in his shots to send Zolst the wrong way and won 8-15, 15-7, 15-11, 13-15, 15-10.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Josie Wishart

Played 10 won 10, Gala’s top seed Elliot remains unbeaten in League 5 and with only 4 games left he is hoping to see out the season undefeated! Josie Wishart played some great squash and was very fast and fit but Tony Elliot proved skill was the key and this was a rather straightforward 15-8, 15-7, 15-9.


Gala Captain Del said “A great Team effort, things clicked tonight and we All played well at the same time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable match and a well deserved victory; we all gave 110% and it was well worth it! We only have 4 games left and I hope for another couple of victories before we’re out.”

a Bridge too Far for Gala

Bridge of Allan 3 18-1 Gala


Ruaridh Kohler 0-3 Kyle Penman

Teenage Prodigy Penman didn’t put a foot wrong in this match. Fresh from the East under-15 championships, Penman was eager to kick on and play in the Open Leagues.

Ruaridh Kohler was no match fro the youngster as Kyle was so accurate in al his shots and Ruaridh just couldn’t find a way past.

The Third game represented Kohlers best game as he found the back corners more consistently which seemed to be Penmans Only weak spot. But the Bridge of Allan Youth took it 15-2, 15-4, 15-11.


John Sharratt 1-3 Josh Spinks

John got a Consolation point for Gala in this tie, again it was Youth v Experience and the fitness and stamina won out as although it started a good close game for the first two games 15-7, 14-16; John just couldn’t stay the pace and Josh won 15-4, 15-1.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Ross Waddell

This was one of the more evenly matched games, some of the rallies were long and fast but Ross Waddell proved to good and Skillful for Del Sharratt and took it 15-9, 15-6, 15-6


Amir Hosny 0-3 Ben Orr

Amir Hosny showed his dedication to Gala as he’d just played for Glasgow Uni earlier in the day in the University Championships. This started a GREEAATT match and both players were playing long tight shots. This was tight all the way through thee first game and Orr just sneaked it in a close 17-15. But that was it for the Gala Man as he just ran out of steam and Ben Orr completed his victory with 15-4 and 15-6, although Hosny fought valiantly his fourth match of the day was just one too many.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Robbie Harper

Robbie just refused to miss anything, even though Bensted bossed the rallies from the T-Line, Harper was equal to anything Bensted threw at him and took it 15-4, 15-2, 15-2.


Bridge of Allan showed why they were top of the league tonight, what an amazing display of squash, most of there team were teen agers and the standard is top drawer.

Fifers Fly Away with Victory

Galashiels 6-12 Kirkaldy 2


Brian Magowan 0-3 Steve Creene

Brian had just been drafted into Gala’s team half an hour before the match kicked off due to Ian Gorman having to call off at last minute for an emergency.

Brian was making his league Bow, he had previously represented Gala in pre-season friendlies but this was his first experience of league squash.

It proved to tough a step for Brian and Steve Creene kept his focus and concentration to take it swiftly 15-6, 15-3, 15-4.


Del Sharratt 1-3 Bob Russell

This was a good close tussle. Del led the way from the start in the first game 5-2, 9-5, 12-6; it was exciting squash and Del seemed to have the more accurate shots, Bob was slightly caught out with Del being Left-handed and having to switch his shots to cross court, 15-9 to Del. The second game was similar to the first just reversed, it was Bob that took a lead and similar tight, full length shots made for good rallies, bob took it 15-10. Bob seemed to have momentum and found the corners when it mattered, he went 9-5 up and 13-7 but Del got the serve back and Bob couldn’t deal with Del’s lob serves and Del quickly got it back to 14-14, it was indeed a loose serve from Del that handed the game to Bob 17-15. The fourth game was tight from the outset although Bob seemed to have the edge and control in the rallies, Del stood firm till 9-9 but Bob just wouldn’t stop running and took the fourth 15-11 for the victory.


Pat Spence 1-3 Alex Allan

Two Veterans of the Sport, and both players knew how and where to place the shots, Pat made some out of character unforced errors and didn’t have his usual consistency. It was a close match and closely matched squash styles but the Fife Man took it 15-12, 7-15, 15-13, 15-13.


Adam Niemczewski 1-3 Andy Cant

This match was a cracker, this is the top end of the teams and both players showed there class. The younger and faster Adam made it difficult for Andy as he wouldn’t give up and seemed to return anything Andy would throw at him, several rallies were Andy Cant standing on the T-Line and Adam running from corner to corner. The first two games were shared 8-15, 15-11; during the third game, with Adam 11-4 up, the Gala player felt something twinge in his leg and had to stop for 30 seconds to stretch. But he couldn’t recover and Andy got back into the game and fro 4-11 he won 16-14. The fourth game was more subdued as Niemczewski wasn’t running like in previous games and was noticeably limping, Andy took this 15-7 as Adam just marked time through this.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Mel Crockatt

The Ever reliable Tony Elliot maintained his 100% win rate for Gala with a fairly comprehensive victory over Mel. Although the rallies lasted several shots, Tony seemed to motor awany during each game and string off s run of 6-7 points without reply. Both players boasted the ability to switch from back to front or left to right but Tony never really needed to get out of second gear and took it 15-11, 15-9, 15-6

Haddington Howler

Tyne District 12-6 Gala


Harvey Kane 0-3 Dylan Pearman

12yo Pearman made it 2 victories out of 2 against Gala with a stunning performance against Gala debutant Kane. It seemed like Dylan could run about all day and was full of energy, Dylan commanded the match from the start and ran away 15-10, 15-0, 15-6.


Josh Bain 2 (w/d)-0 Iain Laing (2-3)

Bain had been commanding this game, and although took a 2-0 lead it was closer than the score suggests; but early in the third game Bain just twisted too much and pulled a muscle in his leg, he hit the floor like a sack of tatties and had to withdraw from the match. The match then was awarded as 3-2 to Iain Laing.


Ruaridh Kohler­­ 0-3 Gordon Hamilton

Ruaridh found the going tough in this match, Ruaridh normally a squas plkayer at no.5 had to step upto no. 3 due to call offs.

Ruaridh couldn’t be faulted for effort and determination, th first game seen some decent rallies but Tyne’s Hamilton just managed to keep the ball tighter to the walls to take it 15-9.

In the second Gordon seemed to switch up a gear and Ruaridh was sent to every corner of the court, Gordon stayed focussed and took it 15-2.

In the third Ruaridh found his length and enjoyed some prolonged control but the Tyne squasher just seemed to have the edge and took the third 15-9.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Nigel Pearman

Del was up against it in this tie, Pearman was normally the Haddington Clubs top seed and Del was usually in at 3-4 for Gala. Del gave a good account of himself; in the first game each player seemed to rattle off several points on the trot 4-0, 4-4, 8-4, 8-9, but in the end Pearmans skill shone through and he won the first 15-10.

The second game Pearman used textbook back-back-front to tire Sharratt out and although Sharratt read the shots well, Pearmans shots were too fast and tight and Del couldn’t return them, 15-4 to Tyne.

In the third Pearman seemed to let his racket drop a bit, some key shots finding the tin and it meant Del was getting into the game. Del enjoyed commanding the rallies for most of this but again Pearman’s skill meant he knew where the corners were and took it 15-11 for 3-0.


Tony Elliot 3-1 Chris Dixon

Ever Reliable Tony again secured a victory for Gala, Elliot, who has yet to be beaten in league 5, had the edge in what was an intense tussle.

A usual slow start for Tony, as Tyne’s Dixon won the first 15-13. Both these players knew how to hit the ball and there were several long rallies tight up and down the wall and the squash was top drawer. This was a closely contested match and after the 215-13 in the first the games went 12-15, 17-15 as there was nothing to separate the players.

In the fourth game Dixon was slowing his serves down but Tony clocked this and kept the pace of the game high and Dixon just faded towards the end with Tony triumphing 15-8.


Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards Tyne have a strong team, and Dylan is one for the future. With the exception of Tony, this was a reserve team for Gala and it was a respectable score considering our line up.

I’ve got some of my big Guns back for next week, home against Waverley 4 and I will be disappointed if we don’t secure victory in that tie

New Year Same Story for Gala

Galashiels 7-13 Edinburgh Sports Club 8


Andrew Chapman 3-2 Del Sharratt

Two evenly matched players opened the match, there were signs of post New Year fatigue, but with similar speed and styles this was an awesome opener. Indeed the first game went to sudden death, both payers covered every inch of the court and Del took the deciding point with a full length serve to take it 18-16. The Second game was just as slose and neither player could pull away, but the shots were tight and there wasn’t a point that didn’t go several shots into the rally, it was Chapman that took it 15-13. In the third game, both players player the full length game and managed to keep each other at the back of the court. A few lucky nicks though meant Chapman won 15-13. Chapman was starting to feel heavy footed but Del capitalized as he played the percentage shots and his patience paid off for 15-8. At 2-2 and neither players head dropping the decider was again close all the way, Chapman seemed to have the upper hand in concentration though and his tactic of back-back-front took too much out of Del and The Edinburgh man won 15-12 for 3-2.


Jordan Amaral 3-1 Graham Bensted

Another evenly matched game, in this one both players were hard , fast hitters so it was more of a war of attrition than the rallies in the previous Tussle. Bensted used his trademark serve to the corner to take several points but the Edinburgh player, considerably younger and fitter held out in a close match. This went – 15-12, 15-5, 12-15, 15-13 to Amaral.


Amir Hosny 0-3 Arun Pathal,

Although teenager Pathal took this in straight sets 15-2, 15-5, 15-9, the games were more evenly matched than the score line suggests.

Gala’s Hosny, who had represented Glasgow Uni earlier in the week didn’t do much wrong in the match, he just couldn’t get the killer shot that Pathal seemed to manage during the rallies. Both players covered the court quickly and the shots were accurate. Young Pathal’s grit and determination was what really clinched the match. Amir said after “I felt I played really well, what a player that boy is, he’s one for the future”.


Pat Spence 1-3 Tony Hadden

Another fairly similar styled match. But this was about lobs and boasts as opposed to hard fast shots in the previous games. Both players used their Squash Brains for this as they tried to out think each other and disguise their shots. Hadden was a bit more accurate with his shots and took this one 15-10, 11-15, 15-10, 15-7.


Matthew Boyce 1-3 Tony Elliot

The battle of the top seeds didn’t fail to disappoint. Elliot, crowned Gala’s Club Champion in 2017, was a bit slow out of the blocks and some very out of sorts unforced errors let Boyce steal the opener 15-10. Elliot didn’t let this phase him and focussed on his game and motored away in the next three games and although Boyce fought valiantly Elliot rattled off the next 3 games 15-6, 15-5, 15-8.


Captain Del Sharratt said “That was a battle; probably the most even squash match we’ve had in the league to date, all the players were similarly matched to the opponents and possibly home advantage was the key.”