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Ladies Serve up a Thriller


SCKASarah and Kerri (with baby Fionnlagh)

Sarah Chrystie 3-0 Kerri Andrews (15-10, 15-13, 15-4)


The Ladies Final had been long awaited and a highly anticipated dual as defending Champion Kerri Andrews came up against Debutant Sarah Chrystie. Kerri had a spell out of the game earlier in the year as she gave birth to a Boy- Fionnlagh, indeed Kerri has only been a mother for 12 weeks and is already competing in a squash Final having came through a gruelling Semi Final against Former Club Champion Rachel McAleese 3-2; this speaks volumes for the fitness and dedication of Kerri. Sarah was playing in her first tournament at the club having previously played for many years in Dubai and just recently moved back to Scotland – coming from a sporty family Sarah’s brother is Melrose RFC First team coach Rob Chrystie.

The match didn’t fail to deliver top quality squash, although sarah took a 4-1 lead in the first game, both lAdies were quick out the blocks and any idea of starting slow and sussing the opponent out was non-existent. The pattern of the first game was whoever had the serve would score 4-5 points and vice-versa Sarah went 4-1, 4-4, 9-4, 9-10 then when Sarah got the serve back at 10-10 shhe seemed to find a different gear. Although Kerri was proving a formidable opponent Sarah would play the back-back-front game and the drop shots were proving decisive. Sarah motor on to 15-10.

The second game went much the same, whoever had the sedrve would rel off several points on the trot. In this game it was Kerri who scored several points from some deft drop shots that Sarah just couldn’t reach. But sarah wa fit and covered the court well. Kerri got the serve at 13-12 down and unfortunately served out which dented her confidence and Sarah took the second a very close 15-13.

In the third game Sarah wasn’t missing anything and Kerri fought Valiantly and refused to give up but Sarah seemed to have found her rhythm and the ball was going exactly where she placed it, this was 15-4 but the third game was just as scintillating as the other two.

Match Umpire Del Sharratt said “That was one of the best matches I’ve watched for a long time, both ladies seemed to have kept their best squh for the big occasion. It’s particularly impressive that Kerri Andrews has just had a baby and is back playing at this level already, her enthusiasm and dedication is commendable. Sarah just joined the club early last year and has proved a major asset, the Ladies game has started to soar recently as we have attracted a couple of new lady members and hopefully the Ladies tournament can thrive over the neat year. A Big Well Done to Sarah Chrystie for her victory.

Ladies Championship 2017

2017 Ladies Club Championship Final

Ladies Club Champion

Ladies Club Champion

2017 draws to a close with one of the most swashbuckling and intense squash matches ever; no we’re not talking about the World Championship Finals in Manchester where brothers Mohammed and Marwan El Shorbagy fought out a 5 game thriller. But on the same evening several miles north, a much more important game was happening – the Galashiels Ladies Squash Championship Final. Two Time Champion Rachel McAleese and on her debut season, Kerri Andrews were putting on a much more exciting affair.

Rachel hadn’t had a straight forward title defence so far, Sandra Frizzell fought valiantly in a 3-1 Semi-Final whereas Kerri had swept aside Joy Dawson in a more straightforward 3-0.

Kerri started fast as she exploded out of the blocks with several deft serves that found the side wall at the sweet spot and ran off to a 6-0 advantage before Rachel managed a cross court return that hit the nick and with Rachel having the hand {serve} Kerri didn’t have much more to her game and Rachel pulled it back to 6-5. But as soon as Kerri got the hand back her serves proved key as not to many rallies ensued and Kerri won the first 15-6.

The second game was a lot closer as Rachel played the returns slightly earlier to produce cross court drop shots, then at 6-6 Kerri got the hand and again produced several Aces to go 11-6 which was too much for Rachel to claw back and Kerri went 2-0 with a 15-12.

Rachel composed herself during the break and came back more focussed, in the third Rachel Bossed the rallies and the game was exciting as the different styles were evident in this game, Kerri was more power and lobs while Rachel was more graceful in her court movement and was picking where to play her shots. Rachel led all the way in this game although had 5 game points at 14-9 was brought back to 14-14, Rachel adjusted to using drop shots and took it 16-14.

Neither player was wilting and although the players were close in this game, rallies were long and fast and it was 9-8 to Kerri before Rachel started dropping her racket slightly and hitting the tin on key points in the rallies, Rachels head went down and she couldn’t rescue the tie as Kerri took this one 15-10 and won the title 3-1.

Kerri said after the game “I’m exhausted I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never seen Rachel play, I’m so chuffed as I’ve never won anything before”.

Match Umpire and Club Captain Del Sharratt said “It’s good to see the newer members coming through, that’s the Gents AND Ladies titles both won by debutants this season, the competition in the club is thriving as more members are joining, and indeed some old faces re-joining, this makes for an exciting future at the club.”

New Ladies Champion

In what was the first Ladies Club Championship for a decade, Sandra McCutcheon and Jane Logan played out a thrilling final.  Both ladies played out of their skin as they both wanted to be the first lady for 10 years to get their name on the Club Champion’s Board.  Both players used intelligence and cunning throughout the match to out-fox their opponent.  Sandra took the first game quite convincingly due to some loose shots from Jane.  Jane tightened up her game in the second, with shots tight to the wall, and Jane started killing the ball at key moments making it difficult for Sandra to get into a rhythm. But some excellent movement ensured Sandra took the second game too.  Going into the third game both ladies were focussed and had to think about their shots as some long rallies and quick movement by both players made for a highly entertaining game. Despite Jane’s best efforts Sandra fought for every point and secured the match 3-0, final scores 9-3, 9-4, 9-3.

After the match Jane congratulated Sandra and both players said they were delighted to have had such an entertaining final. Sandra said “It was great to win the first ladies final in the decade and was a fun match, this is exciting times for ladies squash in the Borders.”

The final was umpired by Agnes Burnie and scored by Rachel McAleese.

Sands and Jane final

New Ladies Night

Thursday is the new ladies club night. Typically from 6.30-9.00.

Sandra, the membership secretary, is organising a ladies club night. The ladies meet at the club around 6.30pm and play “round robin” format so that everyone gets lots of court time. Everyone is welcome whether they are club members or not: costs are £2 for members and £4 for non-members. If you want to find out more, express an interest or just have a chat about the standard, get in touch by e-mail in the first instance at the following addresses: or