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Gala trounced in end-of-season friendly

A team from Gala Squash Club travelled up to Grange Sports Club in Edinburgh for an end of season challenge match. With Gala Squash Club entering the East of Scotland squash Leagues next season this was a vital preparation against the sort of team they will be facing.  Gala’s team comprised of Pat Spence, Luis Molero, Andrew Dowlen-Gilland, Del Sharratt (capt) and Ruaridh Kohler, and ladies Rachel McAleese and Lauren Harris.

In the opening rubbers, Gala’s Ruaridh Kohler lost 3-0 (11-5, 11-7, 11-7) to former Scotland International Paula Gilchrist and Del Sharratt lost 3-1 to Jamie Dalrymple.  Del just couldn’t get going and lost the first game 11-6, but some strong, well-placed serves gave him the second game 11-5; both players had similar skill and fitness levels but several unforced errors at key points from Del let Jamie take the last two games 11-7, 12-10.

Next up for Gala was veteran Andrew Dowlen-Gilland against Jim McConnell. This was a  tight affair with tit for tat scoring as neither player wanted to give an inch.  Jim took the match after a marathon 3-2 (11-3, 7-11, 16-14, 6-11, 11-6).  Gala’s Luis Molero went down comprehensibly 3-0 to Shane Martin (11-6, 11-6, 11-9).  In the battle of the top seeds Pat Spence met Gordon Robertson. Both players are seasoned veterans and this was a very exciting match.  The games were tight and the players were focussed.  Gordon took the first game 11-8 as both players were getting into their strides, the second game went to Pat 11-8 as some hard and fast shots were too good for Gordon. Gordon got the upper hand in the third as he stormed to a quick 4-0 lead and Pat just couldn’t claw it back and went down 11-7, in the fourth game something just seemed to click for Pat as he didn’t seem to miss anything and a polished performance won the game 11-5.  Locked at 2-2 and both players now running on adrenalin the deciding game went right to the wire but Gordon’s determination saw him take it 11-9 and 3-2. The match ended Grange 18-5 Gala.

In the ladies tournament Gala Squash club Champion Rachel McAleese met a strong Laura Robertson and despite a valiant effort Rachel lost 3-0 (11-4, 11-4, 11-10).  Gala debutant Lauren Harris found the going equally as tough as she lost 3-0 to Grange’s Lucy Black (11-8, 11-9, 11-5).

After the match Gala Captain Del Sharratt said “We always expected this to be tough, it was a really important match for us as this is the sort of players we will be facing in the league next season.  We’ll work hard over the summer and hopefully a couple of pre-season friendlies in September will set us up for the league season.  We are all excited to be joining the East of Scotland League since the Club is thriving at the moment and membership is increasing.”

The 'friendly' teams

Success for Gala at Colinton Castle

A strong squad from Gala squash Club made the journey up the A7 to Collinton Castle Squash Club for the latest round of the East of Scotland Squash Conference. Pat Spence, Luis Molero, Del Sharratt (capt), Ruaridh Kohler, Rachel McAleese and Joy Borowska competed against players from The Grange, Watsonians, Edinburgh University and the hosts, Collinton Castle. The games were point-a-rally to 11 and 2 games per match – this was a short sharp format!
Last time round at Gala the Borderers narrowly missed out and they wanted to make amends this time. The whole team played well and the event was opened by Gala Captain Del Sharratt taking the scalp of Edinburgh University’s James Cottam 2-0 (12-10, 11-8); this was followed by a series of draws as the games went Rachel McAleese 1-1 Evie Coley (Edin Uni); Pat Spence 1-1 Jim McConnell (Watsonians) and Luis Molero 1-1 Jamie Dalrymple (Grange); Ruaridh Kohler got Gala’s next victory beating Jame Turing (Edin Uni) 2-0; Joy found the going a bit tougher as she was out fought by Edin Uni’s Katy Welford 2-0 (12-10, 11-9)- Joy then had to withdraw from the tournament due to a hip injury.
Del’s good form continued in the second round of games with a victory over South African player JamesTuring, then Pat Spence turned on the Skill as he triumphed 2-0 against local favourite, and last years player of the season, Gordon Robertson. There was a lot of long rallies in this one as the players covered every inch of the court but Pat’s concentration held out and he took the match. Luis Molero then beat Jim McConnell 2-0, Rachel beat Katy Welford 2-0 and Ruaridh got a second victory as his boasts and drop shots proved too clever for Edin Universities Anthony Bulling and he took it 11-7, 11-5.
Gala’s Ruaridh Kohler maintained a 100% Record beating James Cottam 2-0, Del drew 1-1 with Anthony Bulling, Pat beat Grange top seed Jamie Dalrymple 2-0, Rachel beat Prateek Bawa (Edin Uni) 2-0 and in what is proving to be a bit of a rivalry now Gordon Robertson was victorious over Luis Molero.
Ruaridh and Mark Hooper (Grange) got joint man of the match awards as they were both 100% victorious in the event.
In the overall team scores Gala regained the title with 24 pointe, The Grange 21, Edin Uni 11, Watsonians 7 and Collinton Castle 7.
Mark Hooper and Ruaridh Kohler -joint Man of The Match
Several of the players after the event .

Close but not good enough for Gala

On Saturday 12th Dec an Edinburgh select team travelled to Gala for the second round of the East of Scotland Squash Conference. In the previous event Gala had triumphed at Grange Squash Club and this time were hoping home advantage would ensure another victory.

The Edinburgh team consisted of Christy Looby, Shane Martyn and Laura Robertson from Grange, Jim McConnell (Watsonians), Gordon Robertson (Collinton Castle) and Guest Cameron Saetre.  Although the Gala team included the Club Champions Andy Gill and Rachel McAleese, as well as Luis Molero, Del Sharratt, Ruaridh Kohler and Sarah Hale – the Edinburgh select team proved too strong as they won the key matches.

Laura Robertson of Edinburgh was Player of the Match as she made quick work of Sarah Hale (3-0), Rachel McAleesae (2-1) and Ruaridh Kohler (2-1).  Gala’s top seed Andy Gill put up the best fight with victories over Jim McConnell (2-1) and Shane Martyn (3-0), but it was all too little to late as Edinburgh select won 27-23.

Gala captain Del Sharratt said “It was a frustrating day, I think there was a lot of heavy legs out there today as the guys have played  a lot of squash lately with all the various tournaments and the Club Championship.  I know I certainly felt my usual movement and court coverage wasn’t what it usually is.  But the main thing was it was a thoroughly enjoyable event and we will be back for the next one in January.”

Full Results:

Luis Molero 2-1 Gordon Robertson, Jim McConnell 2-1 Ruaridh Kohler, Andy Gill 3-0 Shane Martyn, Laura Robertson 3-0 Sarah Hale, Cameron Saetre 2-1 Del Sharratt, Andy Gill 2-1 Jim McConnell, Gordon Robertson 2-1 Del Sharratt, Luis Molero 2-1 Christy Looby, Laura Robertson 2-1 Ruaridh Kohler, Cameron Saetre 2-1 Sarah Hale, Rachel McAleese 3-0 Sarah Hale, Shane Martyn 2-1 Luis Molero, Gordon Robertson 2-1 Andy Gill, Jim McConnell 2-1 Del Sharratt, Laura Robertson 2-1 Rachel McAleese, Shane Martyn 3-0 Ruaridh Kohler, Rachel McAleese 2-1 Cameron Saetre.


Some of the players involved in the match

Some of the players involved in the match


New Leagues Bring Triumph for Gala

The East of Scotland Squash Conference 2015-2016 season kicked off with the first match at Watsonians on Saturday 21st Nov. This time conference regulars Gala, Collinton Castle, Watsonians and Grange were joined by strong squads from Edinburgh University.
The Gala Team that travelled was Luis Molero, Del Sharratt (capt), Rachel McAleese and debutant Joy Borowska. The matches were timed 10 minutes and point per rally. The event kicked off with Gala successful in their opening rubbers with Captain Del Sharratt defeating Edinburgh Universitys Beca Luckett 24-16; Gala’s top seed Luis Molero surprised Grange Squash Clubs former Scotland International Paula Gilchrist 25-21, Joy Borowska beat Parissa Kokabi (Edin Uni 3) 21-13 an Rachel McAleese was triumphant 16-13 against Prateek Bawa (Edin Uni 3).
In the second round of matches Del won out 26-23 against Lok Chan (Edin Uni) in a close encounter, it was very much due to Lok making a slow start as Del stormed to a 5-1 lead and despite a lot of tit-for-tat scoring the Student just couldn’t quite get the gap back. Luis Molero was next up against Hamish Dobbie of Watsonians and Luis won a slightly easier match 32-14. Joy Borowska was out played by Edin Uni 3s Evie Coley 32-13, Joy just couldn’t match the pace of Evie and fitness won out in this match. Rachel then beat Joy’s previous victim Parissa Kokabi 22-10.
Del, Rachel and Luis remained unbeaten as they won their final matches against James Cottam (Edin Uni 1), Evie Coley (Edin Uni 3) and last seasons player of the Season -Collinton Castle’s Gordon Robertson respectively.
Gala Triumphed overall with 284 points but were pushed close by Grange (281)
Gala squash Clubs Luis Molero was Man of the Match after his Giant killings and Laura Robertson (Grange) won Lady of the match.
Event Organiser Christy Looby said afterwards ” The event worked well, it’s great to see the students getting involved this season and we are expecting more clubs to get involved in future events. Congratulations to Gala.”
Final Standings:
Gala Squash Club – 284
Grange Squash Club- 281
Collinton Castle – 262
Edin Uni 1 – 233
Watsonians – 222
Edin Uni 3 – 182
Edin Uni 2 – 178.
Next Event: Sat 12th December at Gala Squash Club

Most of the players from the event

 Laura Robertson and Luis Molero (lady + Man of the match)

Laura Robertson and Luis Molero (lady + Man of the match)


Gala are ‘Club of the Year’

The final event of the season in the East of Scotland Squash Conference pitted Gala and Grange against the City’s heavyweights, Collington Castle.  The match was played at Edinburgh Sports Club and coincided with the East of Scotland squash finals.  Collinton Castle again proved too strong for Gala and Grange taking the match 23-16.  The Gala players found the going tough with Del Sharratt losing his rubbers 2-0 to Mark Crease and Gordon Robertson respectively, and Del’s final match against Paul McIntosh was abandoned after Paul pulled out with an injury.  Rachel McAleese fared slightly better managing a 2-1 defeat to Laura Robson and Gregg Brown before going down 2-0 to Paul McIntosh.  Gala Squash Clubs other player Luis Molero had a bit more success taking a game off veteran Gordon Robertson (2-1) and defeating Paul McIntosh 2-1.

Collinton Castles Gordon Robertson was crowned Conference Player of the season having been Man of the Match in three events.

In other awards Gala Squash Club won the “Club of The Year” in the East of Scotland Squash Association.  Organiser Christy Looby said “The commitment and enthusiasm of Gala Squash club throughout the season has made the whole Conference possible, they travel to every event and their dedication is commendable”.  Gala Captain, Del Sharratt, who collected the award said ” I wasn’t expecting an award like this, there are many teams in the East of Scotland Squash association that deserved this award – Edinburgh University the Division 1 Champions, Collinton Castle for their Victory in the conference series, so I am honoured to accept this reward.  Gala Squash Club are just happy to be participating with the ‘Big City Clubs’ and look forward to more matches next season”.


Picture 1: Christy Looby (events manager) presenting the Club of the Year award to gala Captain Del Sharratt


Picture 2: The Gala Squash Club Team (L-R) Rachel McAleese (Ever Present! and Event 4 Lady of the match); Luis Molero; Del Sharratt (capt); Ruaridh Kohler.  Missing from picture are John Sharratt (Event 1 Man of Match) and Michael Howard.

Triumph for Gala in Conference Event 4

Grange conference match Feb 2015 photo 1Front row: Gala players Rachel McAleese, Luis Molero, Stephanie McDowell, Michael Howard


The latest event in the East of Scotland Squash Conference saw Gala Squash Club team up with the hosts Grange Sports Club to take on the City Heavyweights Collinton Castle & Dean Squash Club.

Gala were missing key players and travelled with Luis Molero, Michael Howard, Rachel McAleese and Stephanie McDowell – they were joined by Dean Turner, Shane Martyn and Jonathan Hughes from The Grange Sports Club.  Collinton Castle had stalwarts Mark Crease and Gordon Robertson joined by Gregg Brown and Anne Robertson and topped up with The Dean’s Russell Ogg and Patrick Jones.

There was quite a broad standard of talent on display and Gala & Grange wanted to get off to a winning start and Shane Martyn Triumped 2-0 against Gregg Brown in the very first match, the Top Seeds Mark Crease and Dean Turner then battled out a close fought 2-1 game in Collinton & Dean’s favour.

When the Gala players took to the court, Luis Molero won 2-0 against Patrick Jones and Michael Howard went down 2-0 to Gordon Robertson.  Luis Molero later turned the tables on Gordon Robertson by taking a stunning 2-0 victory over the seasoned veteran which won the match for Gala and Grange.  In the absence of the injured Del Sharratt, the Gala Captain for the day was Luis Molero who said aftrerwards “It has been an extremely enjoyable occasion, to top it off with a victory makes it extra special”.

Final Standings: Gala & Grange 26-25 Collinton Castle & Dean

Full Results (G&G first):

S Martyn 2-0 G Brown, D Turner 1-2 M Crease, M Howard 0-2 G Robertson, L Molero 2-0 P Jones, R McAleese 1-2 A Robertson, J Hughes 1-2 R Ogg, D Turner 2-0 G Robertson, S McDowell 0-2 A Robertson, S Martyn 2-1 P Jones, L Molero 0-2 M Crease, M Howard 1-2 P Jones, J Hughes 2-0 A Robertson, S McDowell 0-2 R Ogg, R McAleese 2-0 G Brown, L Molero 2-0 G Robertson, M Howard 1-2 M Crease, R McAleese 0-2 R Ogg, S McDowell 0-2 P Jones, D Turner 1-2 R Ogg, J Hughes 2-0 A Robertson, S Martyn 2-1 G Brown.


Gala conference match jan 2014 Photo 1

Gala come close in Conference Event 3

On 31st January 2014, a mixed team from Grange , Watsonians and Collinton squash clubs made up the “Edinburgh Select” and travelled to Galashiels for the third event in the East of Scotland Squash Confrence.

Galashiels were confident of a victory having home advantage and a fairly strong team of John Sharratt, Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Rachel McAleese, Jamie Dalrymple (guest) and Dawn McBrayne.

In what was a very exciting and close run match a strong Edinburgh team sneaked it 25-24.

The very first tie pitched the joint “players of the match” from the first event together – John sharratt and Mark Crease and in what was a very tight and enthralling affair Gala’s John Sharratt edged it 2-1 taking it 11-8 in the deciding game.  Gala Captain Del Sharratt found it tough going in his first tie losing to Gordon Robertson 2-0, (11-8, 11-10) and then losing to Mark Crease by 2-0 again by 11-8, 11-10; before a stunning 2-0 victory over Edinburgh’s Jim McConnell.  Dawn McBrayne secured some valuable points for Gala as she remained unbeaten in her 3 matches and claimed the Maximum 6 points defeating Greg Brown (2-1), Anne Robertson (2-0) and Shane Martyn  (2-1).  Galas other victories came with Rachel McAleese beating Greg Brown 2-1, John Sharratt beating Jim McConnell 2-0 and Jamie Dalrymple beating Christy Looby 2-1.

East of Scotland Squash Conference: Gala Squash Club 24-25 Edinburgh Select

Gala conference match Jan 2015 photo 2


J Sharratt 2-1 M Crease, A Robertson 2-0 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 D Sharratt, J McConnell, 2-0 L Molero, J Dalrymple 2-1 C Looby, D McBrayne 2-1 G Brown, J Sharratt 1-2 G Robertson, D Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, S Martyn 2-1 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 L Molero, M Crease 2-0 J Dalrymple, D McBrayne 2-0 A Robertson, J Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, M Crease 2-0 D Sharratt, R McAleese 2-1 G Brown, A Robertson 2-1 L Molero, D McBrayne 2-0 S Martyn, J Dalrymple 0-2 G Robertson.

Watsonians match photo Jan 2014

Gala feature in conference event 2

On Saturday 17th January 2015, Gala travelled to Edinburgh for the 2nd event in the East of Scotland Squash Conference. The friendly match involved Galashiels, Grange, Collinton Castle and Watsonians (the hosts).

Gala squash Club were under pressure from the start as they were missing key players, newly crowned Club Champion Andy Gill, and the previous event’s man of the match John Sharratt; the team that travelled comprised of Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Ruaridh Kohler, Rachel McAleese and guest player William Tiercelin.

Del Sharratt took to the court first against Collinton Castle’s former Squash League player Mark Crease and was disposed of relatively quickly 11-8, 11-3.  Ruaridh’s first match was just as tough as he went down 2-0 to Gordon Robertson – who was later crowned Man of The Match.  Gala’s first victory came by way of William Tiercelin who beat Shane Martyn of Grange 2-0.  Del Sharratt redeemed himself from his earlier loss by a stunning 2-1 victory over Grange’s Captain Jamie Dalrymple (15-13, 6-11, 11-6).

Collinton Castles team was packed with quality players and they won the event with 22 points, Grange fought well with 15, followed by Watsonians 11 and Gala Squash Club 8.

Gala Club Captain Del Sharratt said after the event “We felt the absence of our star players, but it was a fun event which is the main thing and we look forward to the next leg at Gala Squash and Racketball Club.”

Gala Team Results: D Sharratt 0-2 M Crease (Collinton Castle), L Molero 0-2 G Robertson (CC), R Kohler 0-2 N Lyth (Grange), W Tiercelin 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stiratt (Watsonians), R McAleese 1-2 A Robertson (CC), D Sharratt 2-1 J Dalrymple (Gra), L Molero 0-2 M Crease (CC), R Kohler 0-2 G Robertson (CC), W Tiercelin 0-2 P McIntosh (CC); R McAleese 0-2 L Robertson (Wats), D Sharratt 0-2 C Looby (Gra), L Molero 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stirratt (Wats), W Tiercelin 2-1 L Robertson (Wats), R McAleese 0-2 H Dobbie (Wats).


“League Squash” returns to Gala

On Thursday 4th Dec, Gala Squash Club made the journey up to Collinton Castle Squash club in Edinburgh, to participate in the inaugural event of the East of Scotland Squash Conference.  Along with the hosts, they were joined by Grange squash Club in a 3-way event.  The matches were point-a-rally scoring to 11 and best of 3 games.  Things didn’t start great for Gala when Rachel McAleese lost the first rubber 2-0 to Laura Smith of Collinton Castle and Derek Sharratt lost 2-1 to Struan Fairbairn of Grange.  John Sharratt turned it round for Gala with a close fought 2-0 (11-7, 11-7) victory over Gordon Robertson (Collinton) in what was a battle of the veterans.

Collinton Castle made home advantage count overall as they ended the event with 24 points, Gala 17 and Grange 13.  Gala squash club spokesman Del Sharratt said “Gala Squash Club are pleased to have been involved in this, and look forward to hosting an event in the near future.”

Organiser Christy La Soigneur said “It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and participation of everyone in this event and with other clubs like Watsonians wanting to get involved this could be exciting times for East of Scotland Squash”.

Man of the match(joint):  John Sharratt (Gala – pictured) and Mark Crease (Collinton)

Gala Squash Club results from the night:  Rachel McAleese 0-2 Gordon Cowie (Grange), John Sharratt 2-0 Dean Turner (Grange), Del Sharratt 0-2 Gordon Robertson (Collinton), Del Sharratt 2-1 Gregor Brown (Co), John Sharratt 2-0 Struan Fairbairn (Gr), Rachel McAleese 0-2 Laura Smith (Co), Del Sharratt 1-2 Struan Fairbairn, John Sharratt 2-0 Gordon Robertson, Rachel McAleese 2-1 Sam Brown (Co).