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Edinburgh Open 2020

Gala Squash Club entrants, L to R: Tony Elliot, Jordan Reid, Graeme Gillie, Del Sharratt

Edin Open Champion and Former World Champion Karim Abdel Gawad

F Category Plate Tournament Winner – Jordan Reid

The 2020 Edinburgh squash Open took place at Edinburgh Sports Club over the last few days. Entrants included former World Champion Karim Abdel Gawad (Egypt), former World Championship Runner up Paul Coll from NZ and amongst other Scotlands top 3 players Gregg Lobban, Alan Clyne and Rory Stewart.
This event also included Category Draws as Galashiels Squash Club were represented by Tony Elliot, Jordan Reid, Graeme Gillie and Del Sharratt.
The Main Even Final Seen Scotland No. 1 Gregg Lobban vs Karim Abdel Gawad (Egy). Lobban had took the scalps of Sean Conroy (Ire) 3-0 as well as the higher Ranking Paul Coll in the Quarter Finals 3-2 and 5-time Edinburgh Open winner Englands Daryl Selby by 3-2. Gawad had just as tough a run beating Abhey Singh (Ind) 3-1, Declan James (Eng) 3-2 and was pushed all the way in the semis by Wales Joel Makin 3-2.
Gawad took the final 3-0 (11-6, 11-9, 11-6), Gawad was equal to everything Lobban threw at him and demonstrated to the Crowd why he is the World No.5 and a former World Champion.
Gregg Lobban Said after the match “That was amazing squash by Karim, he found his best form tonight and unfortunately I was on the receiving end. I have had some great matches this week; indeed the Best result of my career beating Paul Coll, I’m feeling good about my squash just now and am at a career high world ranking of 29, hopefully this sets me up for some great tournaments in the remainder of the season.

in The D Category, Tony Elliot got to the semi-finals; on his was he conquered Michael Brown (Colinton Castle) and Matthew Hunter (The Dean). Elliot was stopped in the Semis by Tom Naylor (Elgin). Elliot then played the 3rd/4th play off against Grange Squash Club’s Finley Halton. The pair had recently met in a league 5 encounter when Elliot triumphed 3-0; but Tony was a bit apprehensive this time as Halton has improved no end since then. But Tony’s game all clicked into place at the same time and he won 15-7, 15-2, 15-5.

In the F Category Sharratt and Reid both lost in the first round 3-1 against Steve Cubbins and Charlie Pringle respectively, this dropped the pair into the Plate tournament where Sharratt lost a 5-game thriller to Gabor Nagy, but Reid progressed to the Plate Tournament Final beating Nagy 3-0. Graeme Gillie lost out in the Quarter Final 3-1 to Michael Linsley (Northern).

1ST Rnd:
Charles Adams (The Dean) w/o v Jonathan Tait (Edin Sports Club).
Chris Dixon (Tyne) 0-3 Michael Buccholz (Edin Univ)
John Armstrong (Newbiggin) 3-2 Michael Clarkson (The Dean)
Finlay Halton (The Grange) 3-2 Kriss Bradshaw (Elgin)
Guy Eniona (Eldon Squash) 1-3 Tom Naylor (Elgin)
Andrew Nelson (SSRC Glasgow) 3-0 Neil Porter (Watsonians)
Matthew Hunter (The Dean) 3-2 Louis Kingdom (Edin Sports Club)
Tony Elliot (Gala Squash Club) 3-0 Michael Brown (Colinton castle)

J Tait 2-3 M Buccholz,
J Armstrong 2-3 F Halton
T Naylor 3-1 A Nelson,
M Hunter 0-3 T Elliot

M Buccholz 3-1 F Halton
T Naylor 3-1 T Elliot

M Buccholz3-1 Naylor

T Elliot 3-0 F Halton.

1ST Rnd:
Steve Cubbins (Unattached) 3-1 Del Sharratt (Gala Squash Club)
Gabor Nagy (The Dean) 0-3 Mark Lockhart (Oban Squash Club)
Michael Linsley (Northern) 3-0 Rhiannon Griffiths (Edin Sports Club)
Alfredo Iacovone (The Grange) 0-3 Graeme Gillie (Gala Squash Club)
Robbie Todd (The Deam) 3-1 Alex Yovanovitch (Wishaw Sports Club)
Craig Bourner (Lockerbie) 3-1 Clive Lucas (Northern)
Andrew Smith (Northern) 3-1 Stewart Simpson (Abercorn)
Charles Pringle (The Dean) 3-1 Jordan Reid (Gala squash Club)

S Cubbins 1-3 M Lockhart
M Linsley 3-1 G Gillie
R Todd 3-2 C Bourner
A Smith 3-2 C Pringle

M Lockhart 3-1 M Linsley
R Todd 3-1 A Smith

M Lockhart 3-0 R Todd

D Sharratt 2-3 G Nagy,
R Griffiths w/o v A Iacovone
A Yovanovitch 3-1 C Lucas
S Simpson 1-3 J Reid

G Nagy 3-0 R Griffiths
A Yovanovitch 0-3 J Reid

G Nagy 0-3 J Reid

Tony’s Treble Triumph

Tony, Kev cups

After a Great weekend of Finals with an epic 5 setter at Wimbledon and England winning the Cricket world cup; all eyes descended on Gala Squash Club for the Club Championship Final 2019. Defending Champion Tony Elliot was up against Kev Douglas in a repeat of the 2018 final. Tony was going for 3 titles in a row but Kev was gunning for his first ever Title and both players were up for the occasion.

Club Stalwart Andy Waddell was the referee and he got the players started promptly after the 5 minute warm up. Tony Elliot won the spin and he took the hand; Tony reeled off a couple of quick points before the players settled into typical back hand rallies, both players tried to keep the ball tight to the wall and both produced some good squash. Tony kept the ball tighter to the wall than Kev and continued his lead to 6-3 and then 12-6; an uncharacteristic fluffed drop shot by Tony gave Kev the hand back and Kevs hard fast style of serve meant he commanded the rallies and got it back to 12-10 before Tony got the hand back and Tony hardly missed a thing after that and took the first 15-11.

The second game went point for point until it was 3-2 for Kev, then a cross court drive by Kev made Tony twist and Tony seemed to pull up a bit and his pace slowed, Tony felt a niggle in his groin and his pace slowed and movement reduced, Kev noted this and capitalised by sending the ball from left to right and went 7-2 and 10-3 up and seemed to be coasting.

Tony shook off his problem and regained focus, a deft drop to the front corner was out of reach of Kev and brought Tony back into the game. Tony soon got it back to 13-9 but his movement was still not quite there and Kev, who has one of the hardest hits at the club, played a couple of full length shots with pace and took the second 15-10; the game tied at 1-1.

After a couple of minutes breather, Tony seemed to come back refreshed and it was game-on, Tony was back to his usual squash and hardly missed a shot despite Kev’s best efforts with fast shots and some bluffs Tony took off to a 9-3 lead. This game was more a war of attrition with Tony just returning the fast drives from Kev and although Kev made a game of it Tony took it 15-9 for a 2-1 lead.

Tony only needed one more to win and the tension could be felt by fellow members and spectators in the viewing gallery. Tony settled quickly in the fourth and normal service was resumed as Kev was chasing the game and Tony went 7-3 and 10-4 with some straightforward long tight squash, like the first game though one unforced error by Tony and Kevs confidence rose and Kev started to command the rallies from the T-Line and sent Tony running from corner to corner, Kev brought it back to 11-9 but Tony seemed to find that extra gear when it mattered and remained focussed like a true champion to win the game 15-9 for a 3-1 victory.

Match referee Andy Waddell commented on the high standard of speed and skill in the match which kept him concentrating and Andy had to make two or three big stroke decisions during the match.

Now Triple Champion, Tony Elliot didn’t get it all his own way; Kev Douglas fought valiantly and gave Tony a scare during the match; Tony Elliot is coached by Scotland Squash International Rory Stewart and Tony says Rory has made a big difference to his game and is looking forward to more challenges over the coming year

East of Scotland Award for Reivers Captain

At The East of Scotland squash End of Season Presentation dinner several awards were handed out, Edinburgh Sports Club were crowned East League Division 1 Champions and Heriot Watt triumphed in the East of Scotland Cup.  But in the individual awards Gala Squash Club Captain Del Sharratt was awarded the prestigious “Clubperson of the year” award.  Former Club person winner Iain Clark presented the trophy to Del and said “This award is to recognize an individual who’s commitment and dedication has been over and above expected levels and is vital in the progression of squash in theEast of Scotland.  Del is a deserving winner; we received an unprompted e-mail from a member at Gala squash club recommending Del for this award.  Del single-handedly runs the club, he does everything from run the internal competitions, maintenance of the building, runs the finances of the club, he runs the juniors, arranges events, he is Captain of the League team, he deals with memberships.  Del is well known in squash Circles around the East of Scotland and it is right that his exploits are recognised.”
Del said “I really wasn’t expecting anything.  As far as I am concerned it’s a team effort to keep things going at the squash club, I do what I can but I am supported by the committee and a Very Tolerant and Supportive wife!  I wish I could do more for the Club and East Squash but I juggle my life with a full time job, two young kids and the squash club.  I am honoured that the East of Scotland Squash Committee have recognised my hard work in this manner and I will treasurer this award.”

Del Award

Del Receiving the Award


Junior Big Shots

IMG_20190223_170632L-R Dima Graham , Sahsha Graham


The Latest instalment of the Big Shots series was held at Edinbugh Sports Club – The Big Shots series is an entry level Squash Tournament for kids age 6-16 and is split into divisions. Galashiels Squash Club was represented by Current Junior Champion Dima Graham and his younger brother Sasha Graham.


Sasha was placed in Div 4 and struggled to live with the competition. The tournament was MONRAD format so everyone got 3 games and an overall ranking, the games were timed for 7 minutes so the highest score after 7 minutes would win.. The first game seen Sasha pitted against Daniel Evans form The Grange. Sasha found Daniel’s serves very difficult to read and Daniel would score several points just from the serve, this went 22-9 to Daniel. This put Sasha in the 5-8 playoff and he came up against another of Grange’s rising stars in Megan Read, this was a closer game and both players enjoyed the rallies, Megan took it 18-12 which meant it was Sasha Graham v Benjamin Wilkie in the 7/8 Play Off. This was and exciting watch, and remained pretty close for the first 5 minutes, but at the end Benjamin was too fit and strong and pulled away to take it 20-12.


Dima Graham was in Div 2 with some Formidable players, his opening rubber seen him against James Kelly of Edinburgh sports Club, James Kelly proved a very skilful player and rocketed off to a 32-10 victory, James Kelly later pulled out of the tournament but was on track to win Div 2 before he withdrew. Dima was then put in the 5-8 play off where his first opponent was Josh Myers of Edinburgh Sports Club. This was a close fought match with neither player really pulling away, Dima triumphed with a confidence boosting 17-15. For 5/6 place Dima was up against Finlay Templeton of Colinton Castle, Finlay had beaten Dima in a previous encounter, so Dima was keen to settle a score! Templeton started well in this and some good squash from both kids made it entertaining to watch, but Finlay went to 12-7 and seemed to be in control, but Dima kept his focus and wouldn’t take his eye off the ball and Dima knew time was running out for him to come back but a series of clever boasts by Dima brought him back into the game and Finlays head went down as he swiped at a couple of key shots and Dima Graham came from behind to sneak it 19-18 in the dying seconds of the match.

Dima was delighted with his 5th place and was already look9ing forward to the Next Round at Colinton Castle. The Div 1 title for the day was won by Thomas Crawley of The Grange, who beat Scotland Under 13s Representative Jamie Pearman of Tyne Squash Club 32-10 in the final.

Gala Squash Club Captain Del Sharratt said “It’s great just to see the kids get a competitive tournament against kids from other clubs, this is a vital stepping stone for Dima and Sasha into the Junior Open events and both boys are as keen as mustard.”

Hero in Heriot Watt Open

champ2Tony Elliot, Gala Squash Club Champion

In the Heriot Watt Squash Open, Tony Elliot was flying the flag for Gala Squash Club. In the Qualifying match, Tony was against Watsonians French Prodigy Remi Lecompte, Remi took a 2-0 lead and Tony battled back to 2-2 but the Frenchman just edged Tony in the decider to book his place in the main Draw, (11-8, 11-6, 7-11, 4-11, 11-8). This put Tony in the B-Grade Draw against some formidable opponents.

Tony was drawn against Jonathan Hughes of The Grange, Jonatan had o pull out due to last minute emergency and Tony got a bye to the quasrter final where he met James Robertson of Watsonians Squash Club. Tony played out another 5- set thriller and again came from 2-0 down this time to win 3-2 (7-11, 9-11, 11-5, 11-4, 11-2). Tony’s next opponent in the Semi-Final was teenager Andrew Chrumka, although now a student at Glasgow Uni, Chrumka has won junior tournaments up and down the country. Chrumka won the fitness and indeed the skill battle and triumphed over Elliot 3-1 (11-7, 11-6, 6-11, 11-7).

With Chrumka advancing to the final Tony Elliot had a 3rd place play off to look forward to, in this he was against another Glasgow Univ Student in Steffan Gwynn. Tony liks to get his moneys worth as this match again went the distance and Tony won 3-2 (11-5, 8-11, 10-12, 12-10, 11-2) to earn 3rd spot in a highly talented field.


The Main event was won by Edinburg Sports Clubs Scotland International Rory Stewart – Rory is connected to the Borderers as he is the Gala squash Club coach and Tony Elliots Coach and Mentor. Rory Stewart beat Giffnocks James Henderson 3-1 in the Final to claim the prizemoney and trophy.

Tony said after the tournament “I am delighted to have bagged 3rd place in my grade, this tournament brings in some of the top players in the country and the experience can only help my game.”

Festival of Squash

Edinburgh Sports Club hosted the third annual Festival of squash; this was a graded tournament culminating in Scotland v Rest of World featuring Current World No.1 Mohammed El Shorbagy.  In the Graded Tournament, Gala Squash Club Captain Del Sharratt was flying the flag for the Borders.

Del lost his qualifier 2-0 to Young Dylan Pearman (Tyne Squash Club) 15-7, 15-9.  This put Del in the Grade 4 Competition.  In the first round Grange Squash Clubs Faye Fulton conquered 15-7, 15-10 over Sharratt.  Sharratt was finding the ties tough going ithis tournament, all his opponents were younger and fitter and wouldn’t stop running.
This put Del into the Plate Tournament where he first met Anthony Rickets (also of Grange).  This as a close fought match, both players seemed to be similarly matched in all areas but Del seemed to remain focussed and triumphed 15-7, 17-15.  In the Plate Final it was Edinburgh sports Clubs own Jessica Shaw, the teenager had came through the youth system at Sports Club and fancied her chances against the more experienced Sharratt.  Well Shaw took her chances and although Sharratt fought Valiantly the Edin Sports Club Lady took it 15-10, 15-13.

The Scotland v Rest of World Team match featured some of the worlds best.  Team Scotland featured tHe Scottish No.1 and No.2 Gregg Lobban and Alan Clyne respectively; tHe Scottish Ladies Champion Lisa Aitken and the World Junior Champion Georgia Adderley.  Team Rest of World Boasted no less than the Current World Champion and World Number 1. Mohammed El-Shorbagy, Englands World no. 54 Josh Masters, COmmonwealth Games Gold Medalist from New Zealand Donna Lobban and Polish Teenage Prodigy Karina Tyma.  The matches were first to 11 and 2 games.
Scores (Team Scotland first)
G Adderley 2-0 K Tyma; L Aitken 1-1 D Lobban; Ladies Doubles Aitken/Adderley 1-1 Tyma/Lobban; G Lobban 1-1 J Masters; A Clyne 2-0 J Masters; A Clyne 0-2 M El Shorbagy; G Lobban 0-2 M El Shorbagy.  This finished the match at 7-7, so as a decider, World Champion M El Shorbagy went on court 2 on 1 against Clyne and Lobban – The Scottish Duo won 11-3 for 8-7 victory for Team Scotland.

Gala Squash Club Captain Sharratt said of the event “The matches were touh, there are a lot of excellent up and coming teenagers in the East of Scotland Squash Circuit and there fitness levels are unreal.  13yo Dylan Pearman beat me and he just wouldn’t stop covering every inch of the court.
It was amazing to watch Mohammed El shorbagy Live too, what an inspiration he is for these Juniors that competed and it shows the level we can all strive for.  Hopefully next Year some of Gala’s juniors will be featuring in amongst the Edinburgh Clubs Juniors too.”

Mohammed El Shorbagy   Del v Dylan  Live

Ladies Championship 2017

2017 Ladies Club Championship Final

Ladies Club Champion

Ladies Club Champion

2017 draws to a close with one of the most swashbuckling and intense squash matches ever; no we’re not talking about the World Championship Finals in Manchester where brothers Mohammed and Marwan El Shorbagy fought out a 5 game thriller. But on the same evening several miles north, a much more important game was happening – the Galashiels Ladies Squash Championship Final. Two Time Champion Rachel McAleese and on her debut season, Kerri Andrews were putting on a much more exciting affair.

Rachel hadn’t had a straight forward title defence so far, Sandra Frizzell fought valiantly in a 3-1 Semi-Final whereas Kerri had swept aside Joy Dawson in a more straightforward 3-0.

Kerri started fast as she exploded out of the blocks with several deft serves that found the side wall at the sweet spot and ran off to a 6-0 advantage before Rachel managed a cross court return that hit the nick and with Rachel having the hand {serve} Kerri didn’t have much more to her game and Rachel pulled it back to 6-5. But as soon as Kerri got the hand back her serves proved key as not to many rallies ensued and Kerri won the first 15-6.

The second game was a lot closer as Rachel played the returns slightly earlier to produce cross court drop shots, then at 6-6 Kerri got the hand and again produced several Aces to go 11-6 which was too much for Rachel to claw back and Kerri went 2-0 with a 15-12.

Rachel composed herself during the break and came back more focussed, in the third Rachel Bossed the rallies and the game was exciting as the different styles were evident in this game, Kerri was more power and lobs while Rachel was more graceful in her court movement and was picking where to play her shots. Rachel led all the way in this game although had 5 game points at 14-9 was brought back to 14-14, Rachel adjusted to using drop shots and took it 16-14.

Neither player was wilting and although the players were close in this game, rallies were long and fast and it was 9-8 to Kerri before Rachel started dropping her racket slightly and hitting the tin on key points in the rallies, Rachels head went down and she couldn’t rescue the tie as Kerri took this one 15-10 and won the title 3-1.

Kerri said after the game “I’m exhausted I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never seen Rachel play, I’m so chuffed as I’ve never won anything before”.

Match Umpire and Club Captain Del Sharratt said “It’s good to see the newer members coming through, that’s the Gents AND Ladies titles both won by debutants this season, the competition in the club is thriving as more members are joining, and indeed some old faces re-joining, this makes for an exciting future at the club.”

The trophies being contested

2017 Club Championship

It was “Finals Night” at Galashiels Squash and Racketball Club and there were plenty spectators for the matches.

The Alex Doherty Memorial Shield and the Club Championship were both being played for.

In the Shield tournament Veteran Andy Waddell was up against student Amir Hosny. Andy, who was a previous Club Championship finalist in the 1990s was looking to turn the clock back and prove he could still beat the young ones.

It was a great start for Waddell, as he showed his prowess by winning the first game 15-8, this was with the Stalwart playing plenty winners and keeping the ball tight to the walls so he didn’t have to run about to much.

The second game was considerably closer, Hosny knew he couldn’t match shot Placement and skill of Waddell so Amir chose to play full length shots and prolonged the rallies to try to tire Waddell out as he knew he had the edge fitness and stamina wise. But despite that Waddell took it 15-13 for a 2-0 lead.

Amir continued his tactic in the third game as he knew Waddell would start to make mistakes if he got tired. Hosny was 14-7 and serving for the game but Waddell’s head didn’t go down and fought valiantly to 14-11 but one drop shot from the Youthful Hosny took the third game.

The fans were getting treated to an awesome match now, and several rallies earned rounds of applause and cheering from the crowd. Hosny seemed to be getting into the game the more the match went on and Waddell was starting to hit the tin and make more unforced errors. Indeed this led to 15-11 to Amir for 2-2 to take it into a decider.

The fifth and final game seen Hosny improve yet again and he was getting better and better the more the match went on, in contrast the Stamina and fitness of Waddell was fading and although the game was close till 8-8, Waddell just found the going too tough and Hosny pulled away and took it 15-8. Amir Hosny 3-2 Andy Waddell.


In the Club Championship Final Andy Gill was looking to emulate Club Legend Ian Hogg by winning 4-in-a-row. Club Championship Debutant Tony Elliot was looking to win the title at his first attempt. Andy Gill had been nursing a sore back since the start of the Championship but a decisive 3-0 victory over nemesis John Sharratt in the semi-final gave Andy some confidence coming into the final.

Although the Tony took the first game it was close 15-10, and the level of squash exceptional. But Andy’s back problem persisted and his usual twisting and movement disappeared and Tony took the remaining games 15-6, 15-3. For a great 3-0 triumph.


Andy Gill acknowledged his back issue but said “Tony was just a far better player on the night, my back restricted my movement but all credit to Tony!” Tony said of his victory “I was hoping for more of a match, it would have benefitted some of the new members that were spectating.”

Alex Doherty's grandson presenting Amir with the Memorial Shield

Alex Doherty’s grandson presenting Amir with the Memorial Shield

"The Quest for 4" fell at the final hurdle.

“The Quest for 4″ fell at the final hurdle.

Your 2017 club Champion - no not Del, Tony Elliot

Your 2017 club Champion – no not Del, Tony Elliot

Handicap Tournament Exciting Finals

The Finals of The Handicap Quaich and the Plate tournament took place at the squash club last week and two great finals were played.
First up in the Plate tournament Club Captain Del Sharratt took on Student Darren Quinn, Darren started the match with a 10 point advantage and Del knew it would be difficult to claw it back.
Del took off out the blocks and rattled off 12 straight points before Darren could trouble the scorer, this gave Del a 9-7 advantage and Del knew he wouldn’t throw it away from there. Del was focussed and played some tremendous placed drop shots and everything stayed tight to the wall as Quinn just couldn’t quite reach them. This one ended up going t othe wire and sudden death when a deft boast to the front of the court seen Del take it 17-15 for 2-0. The Third game again seen Del rattle off several points as Darren just couldn’t get the ball tight and everything seemed to sit up for Del who would then drive the ball into the corners. But a couple of loose serves was all it took to let Darren into the game and Darren took the third to go 2-1. The fourth game seemed t oturn in favour of Darren, he was on a roll after winning the previous game and at 10 point start it was just too much for Del and Darren took it comprehensively 15-3. The match was poised at 2-2 and it was going t obe a thrilling Decider. Again Darren just couldn’t keep the ball tight and at critical points in the rallies th ball would sit nicely for Del who would capitalise with a drop or lob and after an intense affair Del took it 3-2. Del Sharratt(-3) v (+7) Daren Quinn (15-12, 17-15, 13-15, 3-15, 15-13).

In the Quaich final Iain Gorman gave a similar start to Ladies Champion, this tie was a demonstration of strength and power from Iain as although Rachel had some quite graceful movement and accurate shots; Iain Gorman powered the ball at every opportunity and was too fast and strong for Rachel. Iain Gorman (-2) 3-1 (+8) Rachel McAleese.

Schools’ squash compeition comes to Gala

On Wednesday 16th June, 2016, several pupils from Jedburgh Grammar School (JGS) and Galashiels Academy S1 and S2 gathered at Gala squash Club for the final of the inaugural Border’s Inter School Squash Championship. The JGS Team was Steven Dawson, James “Veg” Wieczysty, Kerry Munro and Daisy Findlay and representing Gala Academy were Blair Turner, Sean Easson, Paul Boggs, Ryan Goudie and Beth Logan.

The Girls’ Championship took the form of a round-robin between the three girls and the
opening rubber pitted the JGS girls Kerry and Daisy against each other, and in a close run match Daisy triumphed 2-0 (11-7, 11-9).  Kerry then took on Gala Academy’s Beth Logan and Beth won in a relatively quick 11-3, 11-2.  The final match was Beth v Daisy and although Beth ran out 2-0 (11-4, 11-2) it was a much closer match than the result suggested.  Gala Academy’s Beth Logan won the Girls Competition with 4 points,  Daisy Findlay (JGS) 2 points and Kerry Munro (JGS) 0 points.

The Boys tournament was straight knockout and there were some swashbuckling tussles between most of the players as they were pretty evenly matched across the board. The first Round opened with Gala Acad pair Paul Boggs and Blair Turner fighting out a 2-0 (11-4, 11-6) for Blair and Sean Easson and Steven Dawson in a titanic tussle which ended 2-0 for Sean (11-9, 11-8). Steven covered every inch of the court but long tight shots from Sean proved too strong for Steven. In the Semi-Finals James “Veg” from JGS also lost to Blair Turner 2-0 (11-2, 11-7) as Blair seemed to be improving game to game whilst Sean Easson conquered the older Ryan Goudie 2-0 (11-7, 11-5).

The Final was an All Gala Affair with Sean and Blair going hell for leather and producing some excellent squash and great movement.  Blair took the first game 13-11 as the scoring went tit-for-tat until Blair got the last point with a sensational drop shot.  The second game was just as intense and some long rallies were fought out and Sean just managed to hold on and take this one 11-9.  With the match locked at 1-1 and heading into a decider, both players were tiring and getting heavy on there feet.  This game produced less rallies and adrenalin took over, Sean got off to an explosive start and quickly took a 5-1 lead, and although Blair battled on bravely he just couldn’t get the gap back and Sean Easson won that game 11-6 to take the match, and championship, 2-1.

In the plate tournament the games were short and fast and the results were Ryan Goudie 11v4 Paul Boggs, Steven Dawson 11v4 Daisy Findlay, Ryan 11v5 Kerry Munro, Steven 11v6 Veg. THen the final was contested between Steven Dawson and Ryan Goudie, Steven managed to bring home the trophy with a stunning display in a 11-5, 11-9 victory and ensured JGS didn’t return home empty handed.

All entrants from JGS and Gala

All entrants from JGS and Gala

The day's trophies

The day’s trophies

The boy's champion

The boy’s champion Sean Easson

The girls champion Beth Logan

The girls champion Beth Logan

Daisy Findlay (JGS) struggling to get to grips with Beth's drop  shots.

Daisy Findlay (JGS) struggling to get to grips with Beth’s drop shots.

Ryan Goudie showing his dedication by keeping himself warm between matches.

Ryan Goudie showing his dedication by keeping himself warm between matches.

Plate winner

The plate winner Steven Dawson