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Charity Event

Over £200 was raised by members and guests of Galashiels Squash Club for the Galashiels Foodbank.


A1 Iain Laing, Brian Magowan, Anita Laing

A2 Graham Bensted, Iain Gorman, Cameron Couper

A3 Amir Hosny, John Armitage, Jonathan Fletcher

B1 Pat Spence, Darren Quinn, Albin Laing

B2 Piers Wilkinson, Jack Neary, Nick Jupp

B3  Sir andrew, Sarah Chrystie, John Barrow


A3 3v0 A2 – Jonathan F 15v10 Cameron, John A 15v13 Iain G, Amir 15v13 Graham

A1 2v1 A3 – Anita 15v13 Jonathan F, Brian 15v4 John A, Iain L 12v15 Amir

A2 2v1 A1 – Cameron 15 v7 Anita, Iain G 15v11 Brian, Graham10 v 15 Iain L


B3 2v1 B2 – John B 17v15 Nick, Sarah 15v13 Jack, Piers 15v13 Sir Andrew

B1 3v0 B3 – Albin 15v11 John B, Darren 15v12 Sarah, Pat 15v8 Sir Andrew

B1 2v1 B1 – Albin 15v11 Nick, Daren 8v15 Jack, Pat 15v10 Piers


A2 2v1 B3Cameron 9v15 John B, Iain G 15v5 Sarah, Graham 15v8 Sir Andrew

3rd/4th PLAY OFF

A1 2v1 B2Anita 13v15 Nick, Brian 15v8 Jack, Iain L 15v11 Piers

FINAL: B1 2v1 A3Albin 12v15 John A, Darren 16v14 Jonathan, Amir 18v16 Pat

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Coast to Victory

Dunbar 6v13 Border Reivers


Iain Gorman 3-0 Harry Nicholson

16yo Nicholson had been a last minute call up for Dunbar as the top seed Evan Green had been rushed to hospital with appendicitis earlier in the day. Gorman is one of the hardest hitters in the Reivers squad and Nicholson just couldn’t cope with the fast shots as Gorman ran out 15-5, 15-7, 15-7.


Sir Andrew 1-3 Keith Nicholson

Sir Andrew started well and made Nicholson do all the running in the first game. But Nicholson proved fast and fit and pushed Sir Andrew all the way to 15-12. The Second game was one-sided in Dunbars favour as Sir Andrew seemed to have lost a bit of agility and Nicholson took it 15-4 for 1-1. In the third game Sir Andrew hurt his shoulder stretching for one of the balls and had to pull out of the game to give it 3-1 to Nicholson.


Graeme Gillie 3-0 Neil Black

Reivers debutant Gillie gave a polished performance 15-13, 15-7, 15-8. Gillie, from Kelso, has just recently joined the Galashiels Squash club and took to competitive action like a duck to water. Gillie moves fast which makes up for some of his loose shots. Gillie has an unorthodox style as he can play with his right and his left hand which confused Black somewhat and Gillie won this one fairly quickly.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Jane Cunningham

Del didn’t play as well s he had been of late and found the step up to 2nd seed a bit daunting. Sharratt usually plays further down the order but just didn’t seem to bring his A-game tonight.

Cunningham found the tactic of back court then boast won several points as Del would get wrong footed and then not reach the ball. And although Del found several points from his Lob Serves Cunningham took it 15-12, 15-9, 15-12

Tony Elliot 3-0 Norman Lazenby

It cannot be said that Tony started slowly in this as he took the first game 15-0 and was well in control of the T-Line and the rallies. But Lazonby adjusted his returns a bit in the next game and the game wasn’t smooth and had no rhythm as the to and fro game went 18-16 to Elliot. The Third seen a few more rallies played out but Elliot was Always in control and finished with a 15-5.


Captain Sharratt said “We travelled right to the East coast for this one, and it was good to come away with the victory and Nice to see some victories for Gorman and Gillie, there is a bit of strength in depth in the squad now and hopefully we can all come back refreshed after the Christmas break for the second half of the season.”