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Table Toppers Tamed

Border Reivers 16-5 Kirkaldy 2s


Iain Laing 3-1 Bob Russell

This was the opening rubber of the match and Iain Laing seemed to take a while to get going. In the first game Iain made several unforced errors that were uncharacteristic of his usual precise play and found it hard to read Bobs game, a lot of the points in this game were serve and volley as rallies were few and far between, Bob took the first 15-12. Iain seemed to find rhythm more in the second game and cut out the errors. Iain varied his shots and played a lot of cross court shots as opposed to down the line, but these shots were being reached well by Bob and this was a close 15-10 to Iain. Iain changed his game in the third and was playing full length down the wall shots, theses were good enough to win the points and the rallies extended the more the game went on. The fourth game seen the best squash, Iains placement was perfect and Bob would respond with tight drop shots and both players tried to out think each other. At 14-14 The match went to Tie Break but the Borderer found the extra bit of speed when it matered and took it 17-15 for a 3-1 victory.


Pat Spence 3-1 Willie Schultz

Another match that had close fought games was the fourth seeds, Pat Spence who was usually further up the pecking order but due to Piers introduction to the team Pat had the slightly easier task of fourth seeding. It was a close fought match with the games going 15-11, 16-14, 13-15, 15-9 to Spence. The players had a similar style of squash, and this meant both players were reading the game well. Schultz felt at times there were a few contentious decisions by the referee and felt hard done by, this possibly caused a lack of concentration from the Fifer but Spence made the key shots when it mattered and took another 3-1 victory for the Reivers.


Piers Wilkinson 1-3 Mel Crockatt

Another exciting 3-1 match, but this time it was Kirkaldy that won the rubber.

Piers enjoyed some long fast rallies in this game and the skill from both players was evident. Another close tie that had many long rallies but a few shots that didn’t find the corners from Piers meant Mel would capitalize and motor on to take the games. Indeed at 14-13 up in the third game Piers made the school boy error of serving out and Mel took that one 16-24. The match was exciting and close but Crockatt won 12-15, 15-11, 16-14, 15-13.


Amir Hosny 3-0 Andy Cant

Andy Cant was usually the Kirkaldy Clubs top seed but due to the return to finess of Drummond, Cant got the “easier” task of second seed.

Unfortunately for Cant, Hosny was firing on all cylinders and was on-form, the concentration and focus from Hosny meant he was equal to most of Cant’s shots and a good disciplined performance meant Hosny took the first 15-7. The second game the Kirkaldy Stalwart varied his shots and played some boasts that were made to look like the ball was going the other way, but Hosny maintained focus and kept his eye on the ball this was another game of skill 15-13 for Hosny. In the third game Cant played full length tight shots and Hosny responded in kind, this game went on the longest as some of the rallies seemed to go on and on; Hosny held out for another 15-13.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Scott Drummond

Although Drummond was the strongest player for Kirkaldy, he met an in form Elliot. Tony Elliot took most shots early and this meant Drummond couldn’t tell where the ball was going to go until it was on the way back to him, and Elliot played with such pace that most balls were passed Drummond before he could adjust his stance. Elliot took it 15-5, 15-9, 15-9.


Club Captain Del Sharratt said after the match “We were fortunate tonight that the Reivers players all brought their A-Game at the same time. This is the stongest line-up we have fielded all season and Kirkaldy are top of the league so that shows how good the Boys played. I was particularly pleaed with Hosny’s demolition of Andy Cant, that is a Scalp and hopefully we can carry momentum on for the rest of the season with a few victories and work our way up the top half of the table.

Heavy defeat for Reivers

Linlithgow 3s 15-5 Border Reivers


Ruaridh Kohler 0-3 Ross Ferguson

Ruaridh was making his first appearance of the season for the Border Reivers; although was no stranger to team squash having had caps in previous seasons and regularly playing for Stewarts Melville Old Boys in clubs around Edinburgh.

Kohler started well, using his trade mark Boast to wrong foot Ferguson and win several points. Ferguson seemed a bit sluggish off the mark but his accurate shots made up for it and Ferguson won the first 15-12.

The second game was marred by several contentuous referee decisions, Kohler felt his opponent was getting strokes for 50/50 calls and this upset the Borderer so much that he couldn’t focus on the game, this happened on several shots and both players lost their eye through it but Ferguson held up for 15-10.

Both players were tense and had lost concentration, the match had lost it’s flow and there was still some niggles in the third game when Ferguson would stop and claim lets on several shots he could have reached. Kohler just never regained concentration and lost 15-10.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Tim Jones

Sharratt found it difficult to find any rhythm in this match, although Sharratt felt he was easily a match for Jones, Jones seemed to win all the close rallies and dominate the court. Sharratt struggled to find tight shots and although here were some decent rallies the Linlithgow boy made the match lookeasier than it actually was. It was a decisive 15-12, 15-9, 15-10 victory in the end.


Piers Wilkinson 2-3 John Smith

This was a classic squash match and the tie of the match. Wilkinson was making his debut for the Reivers; but had previous experience in higher Leagues with The Grange in previous seasons. John smith had played in the West Leagues most of the season with Loch Leven but was turning out for his home club Linlithgow in this tie. Smith had the fastest shot of the teams and Wilkinson had to keep on his toes to rach the ball before the shot past him, although Wilkinson used the back wall repeatedly to let the ball come back to him before playing it and this made for a good skilful match. Smith proved too fit and powerful in the first game and took Wilkinson a bit by surprise, although the Borderer Battled well it went 15-8 to Smith. In the second game Piers was getting to know John’s style, and although John still played tight fast shots, Piers found he could return them better; John made a couple of silly errors and his head went down a bit, Piers took it 15-12. Almost nothing could separate the players in the third game, as it turns into an exhilliarating tie. Wilkinson actually came from 11-8 down to win 15-13 a lot of this due again to Smith making a silly error and beating himself up about it. In the fourth game Wilkinson seemed to get to everything until he was 11-8 up, then a poor serve from Piers let Smith back in and in no time Smith was suddenly 12-11 up and everything he played was tight – this was remeniscant of the first game and Wilkinson had no reply as Smith triumphed 15-11. At 2-2 Smith came out the blocks running and seemed to miss nothing as he dominated the court and Wilkinson found no way past Smith, Smith won 15-10.


Pat Spence 0-3 Ashley Mears

Reivers Vice-captain Spence showed his dedication to the team as he had drove to the match straight from Edinburgh Airport having just flew in half an hour before kick off. Ashley, who has been Linlithgow Ladies Champion on several occasions may not have the power of Pat but had the knack of slow placed shots that were unretrivable. Spence did miss the ball on several occasions and mad some uncharacteristic errors, may have been due to fatigue from the flight. But all credit to Mears who proved why she merits a place in the Linlithgow team with a comprehensive 15-10, 15-8, 15-8 victory.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Richard Kent

Tony was at his best during this match and won 15-7, 15-5, 15-10 and although Kent ran every inch of the court and didn’t show signs of wearying, Elliot was just too good on the night; although Kent got close in the third game, Elliot always had a higher gear in reserve if he needed it. But Elliot was never really under threat and got the Reivers only victory of the night.


Captain Del Sharratt commented “Linlithgow 3s are one of the strongest teams we’ve faced this season; my tam was depleted due to injuries and Pat should be Commended on his commitment for playing for the team Straight from his flight! Hopefully some of the regulars will be back next week for the home tie against Kirkaldy and we can get back to winning ways.”

Ladies Serve up a Thriller


SCKASarah and Kerri (with baby Fionnlagh)

Sarah Chrystie 3-0 Kerri Andrews (15-10, 15-13, 15-4)


The Ladies Final had been long awaited and a highly anticipated dual as defending Champion Kerri Andrews came up against Debutant Sarah Chrystie. Kerri had a spell out of the game earlier in the year as she gave birth to a Boy- Fionnlagh, indeed Kerri has only been a mother for 12 weeks and is already competing in a squash Final having came through a gruelling Semi Final against Former Club Champion Rachel McAleese 3-2; this speaks volumes for the fitness and dedication of Kerri. Sarah was playing in her first tournament at the club having previously played for many years in Dubai and just recently moved back to Scotland – coming from a sporty family Sarah’s brother is Melrose RFC First team coach Rob Chrystie.

The match didn’t fail to deliver top quality squash, although sarah took a 4-1 lead in the first game, both lAdies were quick out the blocks and any idea of starting slow and sussing the opponent out was non-existent. The pattern of the first game was whoever had the serve would score 4-5 points and vice-versa Sarah went 4-1, 4-4, 9-4, 9-10 then when Sarah got the serve back at 10-10 shhe seemed to find a different gear. Although Kerri was proving a formidable opponent Sarah would play the back-back-front game and the drop shots were proving decisive. Sarah motor on to 15-10.

The second game went much the same, whoever had the sedrve would rel off several points on the trot. In this game it was Kerri who scored several points from some deft drop shots that Sarah just couldn’t reach. But sarah wa fit and covered the court well. Kerri got the serve at 13-12 down and unfortunately served out which dented her confidence and Sarah took the second a very close 15-13.

In the third game Sarah wasn’t missing anything and Kerri fought Valiantly and refused to give up but Sarah seemed to have found her rhythm and the ball was going exactly where she placed it, this was 15-4 but the third game was just as scintillating as the other two.

Match Umpire Del Sharratt said “That was one of the best matches I’ve watched for a long time, both ladies seemed to have kept their best squh for the big occasion. It’s particularly impressive that Kerri Andrews has just had a baby and is back playing at this level already, her enthusiasm and dedication is commendable. Sarah just joined the club early last year and has proved a major asset, the Ladies game has started to soar recently as we have attracted a couple of new lady members and hopefully the Ladies tournament can thrive over the neat year. A Big Well Done to Sarah Chrystie for her victory.

Castle Conquered

Border Reivers 13-8 Colinton Castle 5


Graham Benstead 0-3 Mark Crease

This match was a lot closer than the score suggests, indeed Bensted was a tad unlucky as several shots from crease hit the wood of the racket or found the nick. It was a focussed performance by the Colinton man though; whenever Bensted got the Hand back he would dominate the rallies but just had no luck on this occasion, it was 15-9, 20-18, 15-12 to Crease


Del Sharratt 1-3 Bob Blaikie

In what was starting to become a bit of a rivalry, Bob Blaikie took this by the same scoreline as the rubber in the reverse fixture between the teams. The story was one player would rattle off 4-5 points then the opponent would do the same. Del was determined to triumph this time but just souldn’t find full length to get the ball past Blaikie. A good close fought match went 15-8, 11-15, 15-9, 15-11.


Peter MacKenzie 3-0 Adam Hill

Reivers newest member and making his debut for the team was Peter MacKenzie. Although Peter was no stranger to the Ease Leagues having previously played for Edinburgh Sports Club in league 2 a few years back. This was Peter’s first competitive squash outing for 5 years and he proved squash is just like riding a bike. MacKenzie was too skillful and powerful for the Colinton Castle Stalwart and ran off a pretty straight forward victory 15-13, 15-8, 15-10.


Pat Spence 3-2 Eric Donohue

The Senior most players of both sides put on a thriller of a match! Although there was over 120 years between the two of them, the fitness and speed was like that of much more youthful men. This was a close and well fought match. Lots of long rallies and deception in the shots made for a great spectacle for the watching fans. In the first game Spence took the lead 5-0 and held onto 12-8 but Donohue seemed to find focus and rattled of a series of excellent serves to take the first game 15-13. The second again was a similar story with Spence taking a 5-1 lead and maintaining it, this time Spence kept his nerve and found some handy drop shots at the right time to take it 15-8; in the third game Spence seemed to be in the Zone and Donohue ran for everything and the squash was spectacular as both players found the nicks and full length, this went to Eric 15-13 for a 2-1 lead. The last two games went to Spence as he just seemed to edge out Donohue on focus and determination, Spence seemed to want it more and took the last games 15-10, 15-4 for the 3-2 victory as Donohue just ran out of gas.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Michael Gibbs

The match was tied at 2-2 in rubbers so this tie would decide the victory, the pressure was on and the match was tense, both players started rather cagey and neither one wanted to make a mistake as some textbook down the wall shots and percentage shots were the way this started. Tony took the first 15-9 as Gibbs found the Borderer started the more determined; although the City Captain Michael fought valiantly he was no match for the Reivers top seed and Tony finished the a 3-0 rout with 15-11, 15-6.


Reivers Captain Del Sharratt said “ That was a great team effort, 10/10 for effort for the boys tonight. I’m glad we won as they beat us at their bit earlier in the season so we got one over them this time. It’s great to see new members like MacKenzie keen to play Team Squash too and hopefully the Reivers can kick on from this with a few victories.”