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Waverley Win Again

Waverley 4 10-7 Galashiels


Iain Gorman 3-1 Brian Scott

Iain Gorman took full points for Gala in the first match, the first game was a story of long and hard hitting shots, the heat in the court meant the ball was bouncing well and the players started slowly. Iain took the first 15-7 and Brian the second 15-12 for 1-1. The this game Gorman commanded the T-Line and made Brian Scott do all the running about and took it 15-11; the fourth game again was a series of full length shots and Gorman again took charge of the rallies and made the more senior Brian Scott tire quickly and triumphed 15-12.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Stuart Johnston

In what is developing into a bit of a rivalry, Sharratt and Johnston took to the court, last season they played each other twice and it ended 1-1 with both players winning the home rubber.

This one went the same way, as home advantage played into Johnston’s hands, although Sharratt fourght valiantly Johnston recognised that Sharratt’s weak Backhand could be exploited and won almost AL the rallies on that side of the court. Stuart rattled the games off 15-7, 15-13, 15-9.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Andrew Melvin

Youth and Fitness prevailed in this match, Gala’s Bensted, who has a history of playing Racketball in Competitions was finding the switch to squash a little daunting. That coupled with the extreme heat of the Waverley courts meant the edge was with Melvin, Melvin took it pretty straightforward 15-6, 15-6, 15-13.


Pat Spence 3-0 Dave Ferguson (Inj)

Only Two games were played in this match as Waverley’s Dave Ferguson pulled up injured after the second, but Pat was dominant from the start and was on top in fitness, skill and know-how in this match. Pat had the better of Dave from the start and although Dave played as far as he could he was dissapionted not to have finished the match. Pat took it 15-11, 15-7 w/o


Kev Douglas 1-3 Neil Porter

Gala’s Douglas had calf trouble prior to this but played through the pain barrier, his movement was restricted and Kev didn’t want to take any risks and wasn’t reaching Porter’s drop shots as he usually would. The game was a bit duller due to the injury but Kev gave a good account of himself and each game went to the wire but Kev lost 18-20, 16-14, 15-13, 15-11

Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards “Home Advantage is key in these league matches, Waverley have the warmest courts we will play in, where as Gala’s courts are considerably colder – this does affect the speed and bounce of the ball. It was a shame the injuries had to hamper the games but it was an enjoyable match.”

I hope Kev recovers as he’s a big loss to my team, but you can only play the cards you are dealt and someone else will capably step up I’m sure.

The trophies being contested

2017 Club Championship

It was “Finals Night” at Galashiels Squash and Racketball Club and there were plenty spectators for the matches.

The Alex Doherty Memorial Shield and the Club Championship were both being played for.

In the Shield tournament Veteran Andy Waddell was up against student Amir Hosny. Andy, who was a previous Club Championship finalist in the 1990s was looking to turn the clock back and prove he could still beat the young ones.

It was a great start for Waddell, as he showed his prowess by winning the first game 15-8, this was with the Stalwart playing plenty winners and keeping the ball tight to the walls so he didn’t have to run about to much.

The second game was considerably closer, Hosny knew he couldn’t match shot Placement and skill of Waddell so Amir chose to play full length shots and prolonged the rallies to try to tire Waddell out as he knew he had the edge fitness and stamina wise. But despite that Waddell took it 15-13 for a 2-0 lead.

Amir continued his tactic in the third game as he knew Waddell would start to make mistakes if he got tired. Hosny was 14-7 and serving for the game but Waddell’s head didn’t go down and fought valiantly to 14-11 but one drop shot from the Youthful Hosny took the third game.

The fans were getting treated to an awesome match now, and several rallies earned rounds of applause and cheering from the crowd. Hosny seemed to be getting into the game the more the match went on and Waddell was starting to hit the tin and make more unforced errors. Indeed this led to 15-11 to Amir for 2-2 to take it into a decider.

The fifth and final game seen Hosny improve yet again and he was getting better and better the more the match went on, in contrast the Stamina and fitness of Waddell was fading and although the game was close till 8-8, Waddell just found the going too tough and Hosny pulled away and took it 15-8. Amir Hosny 3-2 Andy Waddell.


In the Club Championship Final Andy Gill was looking to emulate Club Legend Ian Hogg by winning 4-in-a-row. Club Championship Debutant Tony Elliot was looking to win the title at his first attempt. Andy Gill had been nursing a sore back since the start of the Championship but a decisive 3-0 victory over nemesis John Sharratt in the semi-final gave Andy some confidence coming into the final.

Although the Tony took the first game it was close 15-10, and the level of squash exceptional. But Andy’s back problem persisted and his usual twisting and movement disappeared and Tony took the remaining games 15-6, 15-3. For a great 3-0 triumph.


Andy Gill acknowledged his back issue but said “Tony was just a far better player on the night, my back restricted my movement but all credit to Tony!” Tony said of his victory “I was hoping for more of a match, it would have benefitted some of the new members that were spectating.”

Alex Doherty's grandson presenting Amir with the Memorial Shield

Alex Doherty’s grandson presenting Amir with the Memorial Shield

"The Quest for 4" fell at the final hurdle.

“The Quest for 4″ fell at the final hurdle.

Your 2017 club Champion - no not Del, Tony Elliot

Your 2017 club Champion – no not Del, Tony Elliot

Tyne Triumph in Titanic Tussle

Tyne District 9-7 Gala (12-7)


Del Sharratt 1-3 Dylan Pearman

Gala Captain Sharratt was surprised to see 12yo Dylan Pearman playing at 5 for the Haddington clubs full team – but it soon became apparent that young Pearman was more than capable of handling the pressure of the East Leagues. Indeed the youngster has travelled the country representing East in the Scottish U-13 Region championships.

It was rare to see two left handed players on the same court and it made for a spectacular match. Sharratt knew he was in for a hard match after sneaking the first 16-14 as Pearman wouldn’t let Sharratt pull away. After the first game, Tyne Captain Nigel Pearman spoke to the younger Pearman and advised he plays to Del’s back hand corner. The youngster duly complied and Del just couldn’t find the swing of his back hand as Dylan rattled off the remaining games 15-7, 15-4, 15-3.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Gordon Hamilton

Bested found the going difficult in this match, although Bensted had a mean serve that won him several points, Hamilton’s fast hitting meant Bensted was just a yard or so to short for most of the full length shots and with little time on the ball wasn’t able to fully control his shots. Hamilton took this for Tyne 15-6, 15-7, 15-10.


Pat Spence 0-3 Chris Dixon

Gala Veteran Spence, was making his first appearance of the season due to business commitments but had been playing plenty squash and wasn’t short on confidence.

Both players were obviously skilful and fit with tight full length shots the story of this one, but the rallies were textbook up and down the walls but just the lapses of concentration from Spence led to several unforced errors mainly on drop shots and Dixon capitalised took the match 5-8, 15-8, 15-8.

Kev Douglas 3-0 Graham Morrison

Kev Douglas came into this match oozing confidence after his victory previous week against Kirkaldys top seed. Kev has a knacl of starting slowly and working the opponent out as the match goes on.

The first game was anything but slow and long rallies ensued as both players showed their quality, Kev seemed to have the edge on his returns and it led to him controlling most of the game and took it 15-10.

Both players changed their style in the second game, Morrison was trying to read Douglas’s shots but Douglas varied his game enough and really had the edge over Morrison in most areas and took it 15-8.

Morrison gave his all in the third and seemed to be able to return anything but Douglas’s disguised drop shots was enough to Get Gala’s first victory of the match 15-11 and 3-0.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Nigel Pearman

Pearman had a very unorthodox serve but it was obvious why both players were the number 1 seeds in the respective teams, Pearman found good width and length in his shots but Elliot motored around the court and returned everything Pearman threw at him, and just as Elliot was commanding the T-line Pearman would be just as good at returning whatever was given to him, the first two games reflect this and both went to sudden death in Tony’s favour 16-14, 17-15. The difference in the third game was that Elliot’s elite fitness meant he just refused to wilt and Pearman was running on empty as it was more straight forward for the Gala top seed and 15-6.


Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards “They all seem to be strong teams in the league, this is one of my best possible line-ups and I’m a wee bit disappointed we couldn’t take more from the match. It’s exciting to see youth being so eager and skilful at squash and if Dylan is anything to go by then the future of East of Scotland Squash is in safe hands. We have a Break in the season next week so I might look at some training for some of the squad players and work on movement and footwork. But no match is easy in this league.

Distance to Despair

Kirkaldy 2 13-4 Gala

Gala made the daunting trip upto Kirkaldy minus some key players and this made it difficult for the rest of the team as the rest of the regulars had to play against tougher seeded opponents. Squad Players Iain Gorman and Darren Quinn both lost their rubbers 3-0 to Robert Russell and Steve Creene respectively. Captain Del Sharratt scored Gala’s first point of the match but succumbed to a 3-1 defeat to the experienced Willie Schultz, Del was playing at no.3 seed where he would usually be no.5 so this was a tougher opponent that what Del is used to, but Del gave a good account of himself despite the loss. then Graham Bensted – playing at no.2 also lost 3-0 but it was tight games (15-11, 15-12, 15-9) and the rallies could really have went either way.

Gala’s other points and only victory of the match came from Kevin Douglas – Kevin was playing at a higher than normal position but despite losing the first game 15-5, he rattled off the next three games 15-12, 15-13, 15-7 it had been a shaky start but the more the match went on the more Kevin was getting into his stride.


Captian Sharratt said “It was always going to be difficult – I should have my top seeds back for the return leg in January so I am looking forward to the re-match. Next week we entertain Tyne District at home and I’m confident this can bring us our first league victory of the season.