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Triumph for Gala in Conference Event 4

Grange conference match Feb 2015 photo 1Front row: Gala players Rachel McAleese, Luis Molero, Stephanie McDowell, Michael Howard


The latest event in the East of Scotland Squash Conference saw Gala Squash Club team up with the hosts Grange Sports Club to take on the City Heavyweights Collinton Castle & Dean Squash Club.

Gala were missing key players and travelled with Luis Molero, Michael Howard, Rachel McAleese and Stephanie McDowell – they were joined by Dean Turner, Shane Martyn and Jonathan Hughes from The Grange Sports Club.  Collinton Castle had stalwarts Mark Crease and Gordon Robertson joined by Gregg Brown and Anne Robertson and topped up with The Dean’s Russell Ogg and Patrick Jones.

There was quite a broad standard of talent on display and Gala & Grange wanted to get off to a winning start and Shane Martyn Triumped 2-0 against Gregg Brown in the very first match, the Top Seeds Mark Crease and Dean Turner then battled out a close fought 2-1 game in Collinton & Dean’s favour.

When the Gala players took to the court, Luis Molero won 2-0 against Patrick Jones and Michael Howard went down 2-0 to Gordon Robertson.  Luis Molero later turned the tables on Gordon Robertson by taking a stunning 2-0 victory over the seasoned veteran which won the match for Gala and Grange.  In the absence of the injured Del Sharratt, the Gala Captain for the day was Luis Molero who said aftrerwards “It has been an extremely enjoyable occasion, to top it off with a victory makes it extra special”.

Final Standings: Gala & Grange 26-25 Collinton Castle & Dean

Full Results (G&G first):

S Martyn 2-0 G Brown, D Turner 1-2 M Crease, M Howard 0-2 G Robertson, L Molero 2-0 P Jones, R McAleese 1-2 A Robertson, J Hughes 1-2 R Ogg, D Turner 2-0 G Robertson, S McDowell 0-2 A Robertson, S Martyn 2-1 P Jones, L Molero 0-2 M Crease, M Howard 1-2 P Jones, J Hughes 2-0 A Robertson, S McDowell 0-2 R Ogg, R McAleese 2-0 G Brown, L Molero 2-0 G Robertson, M Howard 1-2 M Crease, R McAleese 0-2 R Ogg, S McDowell 0-2 P Jones, D Turner 1-2 R Ogg, J Hughes 2-0 A Robertson, S Martyn 2-1 G Brown.


Gala conference match jan 2014 Photo 1

Gala come close in Conference Event 3

On 31st January 2014, a mixed team from Grange , Watsonians and Collinton squash clubs made up the “Edinburgh Select” and travelled to Galashiels for the third event in the East of Scotland Squash Confrence.

Galashiels were confident of a victory having home advantage and a fairly strong team of John Sharratt, Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Rachel McAleese, Jamie Dalrymple (guest) and Dawn McBrayne.

In what was a very exciting and close run match a strong Edinburgh team sneaked it 25-24.

The very first tie pitched the joint “players of the match” from the first event together – John sharratt and Mark Crease and in what was a very tight and enthralling affair Gala’s John Sharratt edged it 2-1 taking it 11-8 in the deciding game.  Gala Captain Del Sharratt found it tough going in his first tie losing to Gordon Robertson 2-0, (11-8, 11-10) and then losing to Mark Crease by 2-0 again by 11-8, 11-10; before a stunning 2-0 victory over Edinburgh’s Jim McConnell.  Dawn McBrayne secured some valuable points for Gala as she remained unbeaten in her 3 matches and claimed the Maximum 6 points defeating Greg Brown (2-1), Anne Robertson (2-0) and Shane Martyn  (2-1).  Galas other victories came with Rachel McAleese beating Greg Brown 2-1, John Sharratt beating Jim McConnell 2-0 and Jamie Dalrymple beating Christy Looby 2-1.

East of Scotland Squash Conference: Gala Squash Club 24-25 Edinburgh Select

Gala conference match Jan 2015 photo 2


J Sharratt 2-1 M Crease, A Robertson 2-0 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 D Sharratt, J McConnell, 2-0 L Molero, J Dalrymple 2-1 C Looby, D McBrayne 2-1 G Brown, J Sharratt 1-2 G Robertson, D Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, S Martyn 2-1 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 L Molero, M Crease 2-0 J Dalrymple, D McBrayne 2-0 A Robertson, J Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, M Crease 2-0 D Sharratt, R McAleese 2-1 G Brown, A Robertson 2-1 L Molero, D McBrayne 2-0 S Martyn, J Dalrymple 0-2 G Robertson.

Watsonians match photo Jan 2014

Gala feature in conference event 2

On Saturday 17th January 2015, Gala travelled to Edinburgh for the 2nd event in the East of Scotland Squash Conference. The friendly match involved Galashiels, Grange, Collinton Castle and Watsonians (the hosts).

Gala squash Club were under pressure from the start as they were missing key players, newly crowned Club Champion Andy Gill, and the previous event’s man of the match John Sharratt; the team that travelled comprised of Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Ruaridh Kohler, Rachel McAleese and guest player William Tiercelin.

Del Sharratt took to the court first against Collinton Castle’s former Squash League player Mark Crease and was disposed of relatively quickly 11-8, 11-3.  Ruaridh’s first match was just as tough as he went down 2-0 to Gordon Robertson – who was later crowned Man of The Match.  Gala’s first victory came by way of William Tiercelin who beat Shane Martyn of Grange 2-0.  Del Sharratt redeemed himself from his earlier loss by a stunning 2-1 victory over Grange’s Captain Jamie Dalrymple (15-13, 6-11, 11-6).

Collinton Castles team was packed with quality players and they won the event with 22 points, Grange fought well with 15, followed by Watsonians 11 and Gala Squash Club 8.

Gala Club Captain Del Sharratt said after the event “We felt the absence of our star players, but it was a fun event which is the main thing and we look forward to the next leg at Gala Squash and Racketball Club.”

Gala Team Results: D Sharratt 0-2 M Crease (Collinton Castle), L Molero 0-2 G Robertson (CC), R Kohler 0-2 N Lyth (Grange), W Tiercelin 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stiratt (Watsonians), R McAleese 1-2 A Robertson (CC), D Sharratt 2-1 J Dalrymple (Gra), L Molero 0-2 M Crease (CC), R Kohler 0-2 G Robertson (CC), W Tiercelin 0-2 P McIntosh (CC); R McAleese 0-2 L Robertson (Wats), D Sharratt 0-2 C Looby (Gra), L Molero 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stirratt (Wats), W Tiercelin 2-1 L Robertson (Wats), R McAleese 0-2 H Dobbie (Wats).

2014 Final photo 1

Gill Takes Men’s Knockout

Gala Squash Club Results – Club Championship Final 2014

What better way to burn off the excess Christmas weight than an action packed game of squash, and that was just for the spectators.  For finalists Andy GIll and Ian Chalmers it was a much more intense affair.  After a series of delays due to holidays and injuries the 2014 final eventually got under way; Andy Gill, the 2012 runner-up, had impressed on his road to the final having whitewashed his previous opponents – John Sharratt and Del Sharratt 3-0 in the 1/4 finals and Semi Final respectively; The youthful Ian Chalmers was playing in his first tournament final at the Squash Club and was confident of an upset.  But Andy’s superiority shone through as he claimed the title – again without dropping a game (3-0).  Ian Chalmers was on the backfoot from the start and lost the first game 9-4, during the second game Ian showed some improvement with amazing agility and movement but several unforced errors eventually lost him the game 9-6, in the third game the difference was consistency as every one of Andy’s shots seemed to find the back corners and he took the game 9-3.

The Match umpire Del Sharratt said after the match “It was a difficult match to keep track of as the players were so fast and there was a lot of tit-for-tat serving as it was Server only Scores”.

2014 Final photo 2

Andy Gill beat Ian Chalmers 3-0 (9-4, 9-6, 9-3)